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Why Bother to Keep Your Roof Clean?

September 28, 2020 by ROTban Services Corp.
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Have you ever looked at a roof, saw a bunch of moss, and wondered if it was necessary to remove it? It is.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to keep your roof clean.

Moss Damages Roofs

The moss on your roof may look interesting to you, but it’s not good for the roof. It damages both the roof shingles and the integrity of the roof. It holds water which can create dams and leaks. Moss doesn’t have roots, but it has little threadlike rhizoids that creep and dig into the shingles. It’s part of how things rot.

There’s a group of simple plants that work together to rot dead things. Moss is just the most obvious-looking member. Together, they’re called a
Decomposing Biotic Community. They all extrude acid, and suck it back in, along with impurities that dissolve in it.

In this case, that’s your roof. Other members of this decomposing group are fungus, mold, lichen and algae. Algae makes those ugly stains.

Moss Looks Unsightly

For most people, seeing a bunch of moss on a roof makes a building look unkempt. A visitor, neighbour or potential buyer might get the wrong idea about you. Get the roof cleaned by professionals, so your home or office looks well maintained.

If the outside of a building looks neat and tidy, then people have the impression that the inside will also be properly maintained.

Marketing Strategy

Having a clean and well-maintained building can be part of a marketing strategy. Whether you are a homeowner planning to sell the home or a commercial building owner looking for business tenants, it’s in your best interest to make the house or building look as good as possible.

Cleaning the roof is an easy way to improve how the exterior looks. Get your roof cleaned by Soft-Wash professionals. Homeowner do-it-yourselfers fall off roofs and get injured regularly. You can also damage your roof even more by using the wrong tools to remove the moss. If you need help with a moss-covered roof, contact us.

Since 1998, ROTbanTM Ultra Cleaning Corp has been removing moss, algae, and stains from roofs, building exteriors, and landscape structures for commercial and residential customers. ROTbanTM operates throughout the Lower Mainland from West Vancouver to Hope.

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