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Roof Stain Removal

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ROTban™ liquid solution was poured on this stained roof as an example.

How does you home look from the street? Usually a large part of what’s seen is the roof. So when your beautiful roof colour becomes stained and streaked, it’s stealing from the beauty of your home, the pride you take in the appearance your house. But don’t think your roof needs replacement because of ugly stains! That’s not a sign of deterioration in itself. It’s simply blue-green algae, morphed into a UV resistant dark colour. It’s bad for your roof, and unsightly.

Stains on the roof don’t come off easily, and tend to grow back in quickly, making the desirable result of keeping the original colour showing forth beautifully quite difficult. It should be dealt with by specialists for a lot of reasons, starting with safety. Homeowners are very prone to falls and injuries on weekend projects involving height. The safety of the roof composition is also at stake.
Furthermore, most roof workers don’t really know how to do this work, and can easily endanger your roofing by trying methods that compromise the finish on your shingles, whatever type they may be.


Stains Removal BeforeStains Removal After


The unique ROTban™ proprietary solution, applied by trained tradespeople, will get the job done. In some cases, an immediate result can be achieved. We prefer the long term approach, because it’s less expensive and gentlest on the roofing material. We apply the roof stain removal treatment, ROTban, in a safe, viable way, then let weather do the labour. Why pay for labour when millions of raindrops will work for free? Although this takes some patience, it really pays off, because the roof stains stay away for a long period of time.

We apply ROTban and let weather do the work. We check back in 6 months to ensure that the treatment has bonded properly. The stain removal will continue over a period of a year, and stay away for many years. This is part of our moss removal system. No extra cost over the moss removal treatment. If our stain removal treatment is done to a non-mossy roof, there will be no moss on that roof for years.

Asphalt Stain Removal

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