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Gregg McBurnie used to be my employer and I would like to say that he is the most fair, honest and caring business man I have EVER met in my 45 yr business career. He is very reliable and extremely trust worthy as well. You will never be disappointed hiring him to work for you as he will always make it right…because that’s just who he is. He puts people first.

Laurie Giles, Property Manager and Council Ocean Park Grove

Roof moss removal was done for a Strata, 1998 with ROTban.

The Property Manager and Council wrote us this letter of appreciation after Four Years of excellent results. If you’re wondering about the reputation of ROTban Ultra Cleaning Corp, this will help! It’s been almost 20 years since ROTban’s first commercial application. Through all this time, ROTban has never had a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. And over this long period, we have always been responsive and responsible, backing up our long warranties.

In a moment I’m going to read you our first Testimonial Letter from a Strata Manager, written in 2002. It’s about a ROTban Roof Moss Removal Treatment that was done in 1998 for Ocean Park Grove Residential Strata.

The application was very successful, and the Property Manager wrote us this testimonial letter four years later, on behalf of the Council of the strata. She stressed the ongoing effectiveness of the ROTban Roof Moss Removal Treatment. Four years is a long time by industry standards, and we Warranty this kind of result.

Here’s what she said:
“Ocean Park Grove is a strata community in South Surrey Consisting of nineteen buildings, housing fifty-eight living units. In 1998, the Strata Corporation had a portion of their shake roofs treated for moss and algae control with a product known as ROTban. Selected areas most affected by moss and algae were treated, as well as areas that just APPEARED to be in a state of decay and in need of replacement. The application was done without pressure washing or other techiques which might be detrimental to the integrity of the roof. It is now four years after treatment and the treated areas are still lighter, cleaner and show no sign of infestation by moss. There is a marked contrast between the treated and untreated areas.
We are satisfied that the application of ROTban lived up to its promises and our expectations.
Yours truly, M. Laurie Giles, C.P.R.P.M., Property Manager on behalf of the Council of Owners, Strata Plan N.W. 2502, Ocean Park Grove.”

ROTban Ultra Cleaning Corp provides excellent service with a product we developed for Lower Mainland conditions, where moss grows very easliy. It’s gentle, safe and long lasting. We monitor its success and back up our Warranties powerfully.

Heather and Don Boyle Surrey

We wish to express our appreciation of a job well done. Last year we asked ROTban to remove the moss and lichen from our concrete roof, and the results are excellent. The roof caps were particularly affected, and the moss had also been growing between the concrete shingles.

Now the roof is devoid of any signs of moss and looks great! We would highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking to have their roof rid of moss.

When we had you back to clean our gutter exteriors just now, we were very impressed with the clean shine – and the crew was efficient and thorough this time too. We are certain to share this positive experience with our friends.

Velmer Hadland

Thanks for solving the myriad of leaking deficiencies in my new roof job over the winter. I’m glad that the inspection company, Superior Home Inspections, recommended you after discovering my plight. The contractor who re-roofed my home was a living nightmare.

You went the extra mile when you also helped document everything that happened and attended court with me as an expert witness. Absolutely, Gregg, if it wasn’t for you and the great professionalism of your company, my home would have been ruined.

Vicky Plett Sea of Cortez, Mexico

I’m on an extended trip, in Mexico, sailing. My ocean view home in White Rock BC, Canada, needed some attention. My good neighbour, Grant Skrypnyk, of “Home Menders”, recommended Hay’s Roof Management Ltd. to me. Grant has done business with and recommends them.

I contacted this company through the internet. All our communication and business has been done by email. It’s been a relief to me to be kept in close communication and be sent before and after photos of the progress. They are such a big part of the long distance communication. thank Gregg for taking that extra important step.

Maintaining a home from a distance has it’s difficulties, to be sure, but finding a company with skill and integrity, with people who still know the meaning of trust and service, makes all the difference. I’ve found this to be such a company.

I can say that my experience with the people behind ROTban has been exemplary, I trust their reputation and recommendations. One more very satisfied customer from afar. I can continue cruising the Sea knowing my home is well covered.

Lynn McLaughlin

I just wanted to thank you so much for the helpful information you provided. I called all the Approved Roofers listed by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau – none did any work on Vancouver Island. Of all those listed, you were the only one that offered me some suggestion on how I might proceed in the absence of finding an approved roofer.

Your advice, re: having the roof inspected by a certified roof inspector (which you told me how to find) and writing this inspection into the contract with the roofer was great! It make perfect sense to ensure that the roof was installed properly.

Thanks again!!! True customer service is very hard to find – you definitely provide it!

Rob & Sirje MacWilliam

In 2007, while living in Africa, we purchased a home outside Vancouver in Langley. As a part of the purchase process we had a home inspector do a full inspection of the house. He noted that while the roof was in good shape for a 14 year old, a bit of maintenance would improve its life expectancy. We asked if he knew of any reputable firms that could do such maintenance. One contact that he provided was Gregg McBurnie of ROTban.

We contacted Gregg and asked him to check out the roof. Once the weather permitted, he not only checked out the roof but also gave us some suggestions for protecting the drains from clogging and for adding life to our wooden fence. By this time we had moved to Houston, Texas. However, Gregg kept in contact via e-mail. He provided estimates for addressing the roof, the drains and the fence, along with photos and web links to understand the treatment products. We decided what parts of the
estimate we wanted to have him do and what we would postpone.

Gregg undertook the work that we had agreed to and sent us a report, along with photos, once the work was done. When on site, he realized that one of the drain protection items turned out to not be necessary and so he did not do that work and told us that the work had not been needed and so reduced the bill accordingly.

It can be a challenge to maintaining a home from a distance but with the help of the internet and people like Gregg, it gave us confidence that the work would be done and our roof now has an extended life. Should we find that we need roofing work in the future, we will not hesitate to go back to Gregg, wherever we are living.

Steve Rushton Los Angeles

I wanted to drop this line to express my complete Satisfaction with you and your company. As you know I live In Los Angeles and I have a couple of rental properties in White rock. I received a call from one of my tenants that the roof was leaking. After many phone calls to my management company I decided to get on line and take care of the problem myself.

I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency that you responded to my call, got me a quote back, and were able to start and finish the re-roof job in under a week. I want to Take this time to again say thanks and to let you know that I have told all my family and friends to call you with any and all of their roofing needs.

Norm Wolfe

The ROTban Ultra Cleaning Corp Team just did work on my house. This was the best choice, as the roof looks fantastic. Even the neighbours rave about it!

Gordie and Lori Dams Surrey

We are pleased to have the opportunity to write a letter of reference for ROTban, and to share how pleased we were with the services they provided.

We contracted ROTban Ultra Cleaning Corp. in May, 2011. That work was completed on schedule, for the agreed upon price, by courteous and professional staff.

We would not hesitate to contract ROTban again, and would recommend their services to anyone.

Gerry Pogson Surrey

We had a bad experience with a power washing company, but we finally called ROTban Ultra Cleaning Corp, who showed us the way out. The service was prompt and the Warranty was honest.
Since that time, I have called ROTban, and they have always delivered on their promises.

Dan Mitchell

Thanks you for your thoroughness from start to finish! I was very impressed. You showed me that roof maintenance, is similar to car maintenance. If you never attend to it, you’ll be looking at larger repair bills. Whereas if you have a plan for maintenance, the costs will, in the long run, be lower.
I hope many more homeowners will have the pleasure of receiving your friendly services.

Joe and Sherry Marotto Surrey

I had my cedar roof maintained in 2002 with ROTban Treatment and some proactive repairs. We were happy with the effects. Later, most of my neighbours, who also had cedar, re-roofed – around 2005. But mine has been great until now, 2011!

We have had ROTban Corp back, and the roof will be 28 years old when we replace it in another few months. We’re glad we’ve been dealing with this group, and that we made the decision to follow their recommendations, which have helped our roof have extra years of life.

Jim and Donna Huck Surrey

Just a note to say that we are very happy with the reconditioning of our cedar roof with ROTban. We were very impressed with the follow-up visit to deal with a difficult spot, and the subsequent follow-up to ensure everything was ok. The crew was efficient and courteous. We would highly recommend the ROTban Treatment.

Thank you!

Bill and Darlene Mey Surrey

We love ROTban! On our heavily infested concrete roof, it did the job. We have had two long periods of freedom from heavy roof moss on our Concrete roof.
We’ve appreciated the stain removal from our back yard, too.

Privacy Requested Surrey

My roof  had about 2” of moss on it, and I had ROTban remove the moss.

Mr. McBurnie of ROTban informed me that ROTban uses an environmentally responsible treatment – and it did indeed effectively removed the roof moss!

Also, ROTban Corp honoured their warranty when some moss started to grow back. They ensured all the moss was completely gone and stayed that way.

I highly recommend ROTban and their friendly, professional staff.

Dave Woods Surrey

All my roof maintenance has been advised and managed by Gregg McBurnie, of ROTban Ultra Cleaning Corp. He is skilled at this, and advocates the use of ROTban Spray. I’ve used and recommended him many times.

My roof has always looked great.

Since I have been a contractor and pay close attention to my property management costs, I recognized these procedures as being valuable from the outset and can definitely say that the plan has worked, and that ROTban has contributed to it.

Egon Koch Surrey

On June 26, 2002, I had my roof sprayed with ROTban. At first, I was a little skeptical, because you hear a lot of false claims. But I saw a lot of proof, and then, wow, ROTban did the job! My goodness, it’s six years later!

So I just had them back here. I had my rental home sprayed as well, so it has ROTban protection now. I’m selling this house, so I’m telling everyone who comes by all about this – buyers, neigbours, friends, everyone I see – to start using ROTban.

These things pay off. You maintain a house, it will pay you back. I recommend any home owner in a warm, damp climate to seriously consider this.

Wally Melenychuk White Rock

This is to inform you that we have used ROTban and are very happy with the results received. We extended the lifespan of our roof by approximately 6 years. We will definitely use ROTban again in the future.

Dave Eckert Surrey

Got the go on the roof maintenance using ROTban for the balance of the buildings tonite. Unanimous vote!!! I had a bit of a fireside chat and got everything I wanted with no opposition.

Thanks for your good work

David Surrey

Thank you very much for providing all the information. Your documentary evidence is impeccable and you have to be complimented for your integrity and diligence.

I re-iterate by saying that I am extremely grateful for all the information which you have supplied and it is indeed a pleasure working with a true professional like yourself.

We have now done regular roof maintenance at with ROTban.

Wendy & Dave Coulson Surrey

We had a treatment of ROTban done on our home in March of 2003. We were pleased with the decision. ROTban prolonged the life of our existing roof for an even longer period of time than we originally thought.

It’s now 5 years later, and we had the roof done by the same company. We recommend the use of the ROTban product for anyone who is looking to extend the life of their roof.

Steve Cartland Surrey

“I’m very satisfied with what you did 5 years ago and that’s why I called you back. The one treatment at age 13 did it. I’m going with the ROTban plan again, which will add further years to my roof. Obviously I’d use it again and recommend it to anyone.”

Hugh & McKinnon Realty Surrey

Council wishes to convey their appreciation for the excellent work that your crew have performed in the application of ROTban on all roof surfaces, to the satisfaction of the Resident Manager, Strata Agent, Strata Council, and the owners in the complex, who are in direct benefit of the good works achieved by ROTban on their behalf.

Rory Corneille Surrey

Council has asked that we write to you on their behalf in regards to to the recent work your firm did at The Daventry, 2780 150 Street, Surrey. Council would like to convey their thanks for a job well done, and to commend you for the professionalism, workmanship and cleanliness of your employees.

M. Laurie Giles Richmond

In 1998, the Strata Corporation had a portion of their shake roofs treated for moss and algae control with a product known as ROTban.

Selected areas most affected by moss and algae were treated. The application was done without pressure washing or other techniques which might be detrimental to the integrity of the roof.

It is now four years after treatment, and the treated areas are lighter, cleaner, and show no sign of infestation by moss.

We are satisfied that the application of the ROTban lived up to its promises and expectations.

Mike Harvey Langley

Honesty and those who go out of their way to help are stories which lift our spirits. Last summer I had the roof of our house sprayed with ROTban. I was pleased with this company’s excellent service.

Later they came back and said “I notice that your roof needs another application of ROTban and it will be at our expense, on Warranty.”

I could scarcely believe my eyes when the foremen and his men arrived today and spent hours re-doing the entire roof cheerfully and without charge. I am utterly amazed, overwhelmed and delighted. I will be happy to recommend ROTban to anybody who asks me.

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