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Roof Maintenance

ROTban does rot proofing cleaning that lasts.  We are knowledgeable in many other maintenance issues that can arise, and will always point out any serious issues that we see on roofs while we perform our services.  We can recommend trustworthy companies to fill whatever additional maintenance needs you may have.

Different materials and different conditions in your specific locality will determine greatly what kind of maintenance you will need to have done on your roof. But for the most part, some maintenance will be needed. Roofing and drainage must be able to handle the tons of water that fall on a home every year, in the Greater Vancouver climate, and drain it away from harm quickly. We love trees, and they are so needed in our world, but living under them or in close proximity to them will require some maintenance every year.

What is important in terms of maintenance, and why? When should it be done, and by who? What materials need the most attention?

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