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Who ROTban Corp Helps

YOU are who we do it for!

Especially in our rainy climate, there really isn’t anyone who couldn’t benefit from our services. Our revolutionary moss treatment and removal system can be utilized in residential and commercial buildings in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas, with a variety of services.


We serve you in your house and home, your workplace, the hotels when you travel, the hospitals when you need health care. We serve the parks where you rejuvenate, and the buildings you see and visit. All exterior surfaces are benefitting from ROTban – Cleaning Treatment That Lasts.
Ugly and destructive microbe stains and rot oppress your eyes, your health and your investments. Rid yourself of it by allowing ROTban to sterilize all exterior surfaces.


You need to keep your home exterior clean. Use our service to kill roof moss, and clean away exterior mold stains. They have lots of other areas to grow! Kill roof moss, it has lots of other places in the world to grow. Spotlessly clean your siding, so it lasts and keeps its value. Sterilize and preserve cladding and garden structures, as well as your walks and driveways. You work hard for your beautiful home, and its beauty says a lot about who you are. The least expensive way to protect that home is to keep the exterior clean and free from the ravages of nature. Using professionals, you will ensure your own safety from falls!

Property Manager

Through proactive maintenance, save your clients money. Preserve property value for your clients by looking seriously at the costs of deterioration and rot, then recommending ROTban – Cleaning Treatment That Lasts. We have flexible, rotating approaches, to fit tight budgets.

Strata Council Member

You own a part of this Strata and represent the other owners. Your budget is to be spent in a preventative manner, to preserve the capital assets of the property and its buildings, as well as help keep a healthy, beautiful environment around your homes. ROTban can make a significant contribution to all this. ROTban Corp offers affordable programs to allow you to do your moss control in phases.

Building Manager

You own or represent the owner of a building or set of buildings. You know you need to take care of it. ROTban systems are the first line of defense against depreciation through deterioration. Rot and breakdown star small, and that’s where to stop it! A clean and healthy building exterior is a healthy and happy place to live and work.

Listing for Sale

Curb appeal starts with cleanliness. The potential buyer is getting a first impression from the curb, and is looking at all aspects of your home’s exterior in one sweeping glance and starting to form an opinion. Allow them to fall in love with your beautiful home by letting its natural beauty shine through, free of dirt, stains, moss and dull finishes.

Asthma or Allergy Sufferer

Spores affect breathing for some of us. They are everywhere, but can be reduced greatly through exterior cleaning and sterilization. Open windows welcome in whatever is floating in the air. Let it be healthy air.

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