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Overpass Cleaning

18 September 2023 by ROTban Services Corp. Overpass Cleaning

An emergency on Highway 1 caused a dump tuck with a heavily filled box and trailer to slam into the abutment wall of overpass 104 in East Abbotsford.  The truck went up in flames, shooting heavy soot from fuel, tires, and motor components up into the underside of the bridge.  The beams on the underside […]

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Vancouver Aquarium

31 August 2023 by ROTban Services Corp. Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium had us back to do new work this month.  We were there for the first time in August 2022, and they were very pleased with the exterior cleaning we did for them, all without using any soap solutions. The Aquarium is and must be a pristine environment. This time the entrance area […]

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ROTban Fragrance Free Window Cleaner

19 July 2023 by ROTban Services Corp. ROTban Fragrance Free Window Cleaner

STREAK FREE What do you want from a window/mirror/windshield cleaner? Streak free sparkling cleaning, we think. ROTban Window Cleaner delivers in spades.  It’s an exceptional glass cleaner.  Because it leaves windows streak and speck free, it “clearly” performs better than the top selling brands of window cleaners and their knockoffs.  It’s used in our Top-of-the-Line […]

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Uplifting Elevator Talk

29 June 2023 by ROTban Services Corp. Uplifting Elevator Talk

Many people want to find someone they can trust to solve the dirt, moss and mold problem that’s clinging to their home.  They know they could run into trouble if they aren’t careful, from people who are uneducated, unskilled, or even unscrupulous.  When they turn to a company with a great reputation that’s well established, […]

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Answering the Challenges of a Critic

20 June 2023 by ROTban Services Corp. Answering the Challenges of a Critic

We recently experienced a situation where an owner in a Townhome Strata objected to us fulfilling our commitments.  The council had already paid for a contract, and we were planning to fulfil a part of our standard service.  We had proactively checked how the moss removal process was going and found some green moss. We […]

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Cleaning of a beautiful historic church building

1 June 2023 by ROTban Services Corp. Cleaning of a beautiful historic church building.

A few minutes from our Warehouse, which is on Schoolhouse Street in Coquitlam, is Our Lady of Lourdes Church, on Laval Square.  It’s a heritage site that occupies the entire center of an oval street.  It’s truly a beautiful spot, made more beautiful by the lofty buildings. In 1909 volunteer workers were able to celebrate […]

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Extreme Heat Death Surged 72% in Canada Recently

10 March 2023 by ROTban Services Corp. Extreme Heat Death Surged 72% in Canada Recently

Death from increased heat in people’s own homes has been increasing severely in Canada lately.  This announcement comes from reliable scientific data.  Seniors and children are particularly vulnerable.  Adding to the problem, even more record-breaking heat is predicted for the next two Summers, 2024 and 2025.  What is to be done?  Get more effective air […]

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What Is Roof Efflorescence?

10 January 2023 by ROTban Services Corp. rotbanjun2020

Roof efflorescence is an interesting phenomenon where a concrete roof may look like it has tiny white dots or patches of white on it. Some people think it’s bird droppings. What is efflorescence? Efflorescence is when calcium hydroxide, a compound found in concrete products, reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create calcium carbonate […]

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White Marks on Concrete Roofs

10 January 2023 by ROTban Services Corp. Efflorescence Photo

Concrete roofs are handsome and tough.  The tiles never blow off in the wind!  But there are some things about them that puzzle homeowners, and one of them is the appearance of light-coloured marks.  There are two very different causes for this.  One can be removed, the other cannot, so this is important. It’s the […]

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What’s in the Name ROTban™?

5 August 2022 by ROTban Services Corp. Rotting Log

The problem of ROT is a basic human challenge. From food to building products, rot costs you. Solving this problem, you save money.  You achieve lasting beauty and health in many areas of life.  Our trademarked brand, ROTban, means ban the rot.  Stop the rot.  We focus on stopping rot and other kinds of destructive […]

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