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At ROTban we know cedar roofs are a class onto itself and we have extensive knowledge and experience of the cedar-roof specific maintenance issues that can arise, such as moss buildup, or roof stains. With these articles we attempt to share this knowledge and experience with you.

Here you will encounter Cedar roof information, cleaning procedures, tips and in-depht detail of most issues affecting a cedar roof’s integrity.

Cedar Roof

How Long Do Cedar Roofs Last?

29 September 2021 by ROTban Services Corp. How Long Do Cedar Roofs Last

There are five important variables that influence the lifetime of a cedar roof.  The age of the tree when it’s harvested, the splitting or sawing system, the installer, the climate of the location, and the maintenance it receives. A story I’ve heard many times in this industry is of value as an illustration.  The person […]

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How To Keep A Cedar Roof In Good Condition

24 August 2017 by ROTban Services Corp. 2017 08 24 1507

My cedar roof is 4-1/2 years old. It is made of 7/8″ gold standard tapersawn. Do I require any kind of roof maintenance work? There is no visible moss growth on it, but I do hear birds pecking on the roof from time to time, as if they are trying to get at something to […]

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