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Roof Types

Your roof protects those you love, and almost everything you treasure most. Roofs are very easy to take for granted. But we know how important they are! If, on the proverbial desert island, we had to choose between having four walls without a roof, and a roof without any walls, there wouldn’t be any hesitation. There are many kinds of materials, and many beautiful ways to use them, including colours and shapes. Architectural grace abounds. These practical necessities, our roofs, have become a big part of how we see our homes.

But each type of roof requires care and maintenance, to one degree or another.

Each material has its distinct advantage, and its important place in the variety of choices. Some have very long life spans, fifty years and more. Others may fill the bill when a short life span is all that’s needed. They all have weaknesses as well. Here, for your consideration, is a discussion that may help you understand what to expect from your roof, or help you choose a new roofing style.

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