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Moss-free roof

Our many exterior care services have one unique thing in common. Whether removing roof moss, or cleaning the outside of a large building, it will be done gently, work well, and have long lasting results. Avoid surface damaging systems. You’ll be delighted with our results, and the way we achieve them. Healthy for all concerned, economical and environmentally responsible, ROTban™ Treatment Services deliver.

We developed this service based on humankind’s responsibility to find better ways of co-existing with the delicate balance of nature, yet with economy. Hand in hand with that, we want to be living out our conviction that integrity and honest value are good for everyone. We’re committed to seeing this through in our proprietary solution development, our business systems, and our effective delivery of skilled service.

This is something we live every day, even when it’s inconvenient. This is the ROTban Revolution. Read how it applies to your search.

roof moss removal

Roof Moss Removal

ROTban™ roof moss removal treatment lasts for years. For nearly two decades, this gentle system has amazed and delighted our customers. It’s a harmless treatment solution and a courteous skilled service, a marriage of concepts that keeps your roof completely moss free for as long as you may want. Our customers get what they want – freedom from roof moss for a dependable length of time. By using our service once every four to five years, they are keeping their roofs free of moss indefinitely.

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roof stain removal

Roof Stain Removal

You thought you had to live with those dark stains on your roof? Not so! Our customers are coming home to beautiful roofs, restored to their original colour. Their roofs have gotten clean and are staying clean. This is done through a scientific principle, not by brute force or paint. Not even by scrubbing. The ROTban™ solution persuades the CAUSE of stains – dark coloured blue green algae – to let go and slide off. It creates a “No Grow Zone”, so you get your original roof beauty back, for as long as you want.

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building cleaning

Building Cleaning The Effective Way

Based on your past experience, you may expect the job of cleaning your building exterior to be a disruptive, expensive project.  You may worry about damaging the surface, and about water entering areas that it shouldn’t.  We call this a REVolution, because ROTban Building Cleaning Treatment solves all that.  We can get you excited with immediate results, and you’ll stay that way as years go by, because this system is indeed safe, gentle and long lasting.  It’s economical and environmentally responsible.  This is real.

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canopy cleaning

Storage Canopy Cleaning

Those ugly streaks on your tension fabric storage look embarrassingly ugly. Will they ever come clean without damaging the all-important waterproof seal? Yes! The ROTban™ Canopy Stain Removal and Cleaning System will do all this. But the long lasting effects will make you a part of our growing cheering section of practical works-yard managers. Fully compliant with the canopy manufacturers’ criteria and Worksafe alike, the ROTban™ solution, applied by savvy, skilled applicators will put the problem to bed.

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landscape structures

Landscape Structures

Walls, trellises, pagodas – driveways, sidewalks, brick walls, concrete walls – and even interlock pavers, it’s all well in hand under the ROTban™ QUIClean System That Lasts.  If it’s outside, we can get it gently clean, and have lasting results.  Even delicately painted wood will come clean without damage to paint.  Fish ponds and organic gardens remain completely unaffected, with our most specialized cleaner. Not just an amazing set of cleaning solutions, ROTban is a team of well trained and courteous applicators.

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siding cleaning

House Siding Cleaning

If you want your siding cleaning Service Company to exceed all you had hoped for, you’ve come to the right place.  Our Two Year Stay Clean Warranty, and resilient, immediate results with a very gentle application is rare enough. It’s also pet safe and environmentally responsible.   Many customers find that the cleaning lasts much longer than what we warranty.  That’s because the ROTban REVolution is a scientific approach that keeps re-cleaning.  Window cleaning is included, so it’s really economical.

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