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Exterior Building Cleaning

ROTban Structural Services Corp helps commercial properties look and perform at their best. If you own or manage office buildings, warehouses, storage facilities, factories, retail stores or shopping malls, all of our services are readily available by contacting us. Clean buildings represent your stores well. Resilient roofs, siding and sidewalks show your commitment to good customer service. Streaks and stains on your building affect the attitudes of employees and the public toward you. Commerce thrives on great attitudes and excellent service. Your building reflects your commitment to your people, customers and the public. The cleanliness of your store exterior shows how much you care. Cleaning and protecting these surfaces will increase your bottom line through lower capital costs (less deterioration) and the productivity of everything that goes on there.

As a building owner or manager, you are concerned about costs and payback. We can demonstrate how mold, mildew and moss on any structure’s building envelope is the first step in its demise. We demonstrate how keeping surfaces clean of dirt, mold, mildew and slime will make them last longer and obviously keep them looking better. The ROTban™ – Treatment That Lasts – system is the most economical for moss removal because it lasts and lasts. Because it does no damage to the surfaces, you get less wear and tear, and thus more longevity. And most importantly, keeping the surfaces free of rot producing organisms protects your capital assets. All these things affect the bottom line for building owners.

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