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WorkSafeBC Clearance Letter for ROTban Corp.

What is means to be compliant with Worksafe BC

Every day, and specific to every request, Worksafe BC issues a new statement on the financial compliance that registered companies have with itself.  By getting a Clearance Letter, you are legally assured that WorkSafe BC will not be asking you to pay for the coverage of employees of a company working on your project.  They do this because some companies fail to pay, then later go out of business, leaving the coverage unpaid.  In that case, WorkSafe BC has the legal right go to the customer and ask for the appropriate coverage payment.  Homeowners, Corporations, Strata Councils and Property Managers can be assured of financial compliance of any company by getting a Clearance letter.

To get a clearance letter, visit WorkSafeBC.com home page, look in the middle column, called “For Employers”, and choose the option “Clearance Letter” on the first page.

This should not be confused with the actual coverage.  If a Company is registered with WorkSafe BC, and there is a workplace accident, there is no liability for the homeowner or contracting company.  If you choose to deal with a company that isn’t registered with WorkSafe BC, you are exposed to huge liabilities arising from workplace accidents.

The PDF document is a sample, demonstration Clearance Letter. A fresh letter, specific to a specific date, customer and address, will legally assure you that ROTban Structural Services Corp customers will not be held liable for our WorkSafe BC coverage payments.  

On our part, full compliance with WorkSafe BC involves much more than paying our insurance fees.  As an employer of home services personnel that do work on high areas, there are many safeguards in place for the workers.

Continual safety training must take place.  A fall safety plan must be completed onsite before work can take place. Equipment must be inspected, and a meeting of workers must transpire at the site of each job.  A safety plan should be signed and left in sight, for viewing by a WorkSafeBC officer.  

Here is what the document says, in general.  The text below is not a usable Clearance Letter, just a demonstration of what’s generally said in it:


ROTban™  82809 AQ(014)

This letter provides clearance information for the purposes of Section 51 if the Workers Compensation Act.

We confirm that the above-referenced firm is active, in good standing, and has met WorkSafeBC’s criteria for advance clearance.  Accordingly, if the addressee on this letter is the prime contractor, the addressee will not be held liable for the amount of any assessment payable for work undertaken by the above-referenced firm to (this date changes quarterly)

The firm has had continuous coverage with us since February 17, 2011.

Employer Service Centre

Assessment Department

Clearance Reference # (this number changes)
For more information about Section 51 and clearance letters visit WorkSafeBC.com

Our Clearance Letters from Worksafe BC:

Clearance letter from q4 2016

Date of Issue: 15/10/2016 Date of Expiry: 15/01/2017 Download the Clearance Letter
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