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Asphalt Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Asphalt Roof Cleaned. Moss and Stains Removed

Can you imagine having a stain free, moss free roof again? Good, because here’s how to have a good clean asphalt roof for a long time. No more dark streaks and stains on your roof. No more moss growing in your expensive roofing material. Streaky asphalt roofing becomes clean and new looking. Moss withers away and turns to dust, and your roof becomes healthy again for years. Beautiful asphalt roofing will yours to enjoy again, because moss mildew and mold will be gone. Your asphalt roof will be clean and healthy, and the shingles will last longer because moss and fungus will no longer be able to remove the vital sand – like granulation that protects the waterproof layer. All this happens when you call the ROTban ™ team! As moss, fungus and algae grow in your roofing, the way it is right now, its feeding process disturbs the protective granulation. When the granulation falls off, the bitumen is exposed to the sun, and begins to harden, warp and dry up. It fails, and you may have to re-roof far too soon. Clean your roof right with the ROTban™ – Cleaning Treatment that Lasts – and you’ll enjoy that sparkling asphalt beauty for a long time! You can only have long lasting, really clean roofing one way, and that is to have your roof deep cleaned and sterilized, with ongoing roof cleaning action through the months and years ahead. Brushing, blowing, scraping and pressure washing will not remove the spores of moss. The roof must be sterilized deeply. Even then, if the sterilization doesn’t continue, the growths and stains will return. The ROTban ™ system sterilizes even the new spores and the cleaning action goes on with each rainfall for years and years.

Asphalt Roof Cleaning

Before (left) and after (right) asphalt roof cleaning

New, stronger asphalt roofing materials are in use now. They are quickly replacing the older three tab shingles. The interlock shingles are already out of production and off the market. This new generation of heartier shingles is usually called Architectural Shingles by the manufacturers, but may be nicknamed Fiberglass Shingles, or Laminate Shingles by industry people.

These shingles have stronger nailing areas and strengthened exposed areas. They’re made from two separately cut pieces of asphalt, which are bonded together – laminated. Each piece has its asphalt bitumen strengthened by a layer of fiberglass within the sheet. This reduces tearing. The nailing areas are double thick, creating strength against wind. Very importantly, all exposed areas of shingle are covered with granulation. These grains whether they be manufactured or natural sand grains, are coloured, and reflect the sun’s UV rays. The granulation is pressed into the hot bitumen, to remain as a protective surface on the shingles for their 30 year plus lifetime. The reflection process keeps the asphalt cooler, and evens out the temperature. Without the grains, the shingle would melt in the UV rays very quickly, and when the grains fall off due to wear and tear, the shingles warp, shrivel and curl, and lose their waterproofing qualities.

Algae darkens the colour of these shingles, often looking streaky on the roofs. The algae is feeding there, secreting digestive enzymes. Moss does so all the more, loosening the grains, and providing cover for the much more aggressive fungus, all working together to digest the protective oil in the shingles.

Ingredients in the Architectural shingles really seem to have proven to encourage moss to grow more quickly than it did on the old style shingles.

Asphalt shingles are delicate! For example, when roofers apply them on a hot day, the scuff marks where there feet have been clearly remove or imbed the granulation, and can even flatten the thickness of the asphalt itself. Window washers, years later, can do the same kind of damage. It’s all about the heat, and pressure from the weight. Now, imagine what happens when a power washer blasts these grains with pressurized water, ripping off the grains with the stains and moss. Do not allow workers to use these aggressive methods on your valuable roof!

ROTban is gently sprayed on and works gently with each rainfall for years, to clean and preserve your asphalt roof.

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