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Our Warranty

Our warranties are currently being updated and are subject to change without notice. Please check back soon for the revised version.

ROTBan Ultra Cleaning Corp. warrants that we will perform all work in an effective and professional manner. We strictly comply with Roofing Institute of B.C. standards, and building codes and bylaws, including WCB regulations. Customers are supplied with proofs of fulfillments upon request.

Quality workmanship is the standard to which we hold ourselves.  All aspects of our work training, including Worksafe training, involves all our employees. We are passionate about our Warranties, and dedicated to the fulfilment of them as part of our day to day life.

All Warranties are transferrable to any new owners.  They come into effect on the date of completion of our services, and should be kept with a copy of our Agreement, marked Paid.

Your Warranty periods will be different for different services.  The length and area of application will be stated in our original offer.  If the offer states a different length and area of Warranty that what’s stated here, the length of time on your offer is what to go by.

Exterior Siding and Landscape Surfaces

Two Years.  Immedieate resilient results will be achieved, and a long period of algae resistance is Warranted.  We will return and clean and treat any offending areas at no charge.

Visible Roof Moss

Six Month Cleaning Phase, Three Year Stay Clean Phase beyond the Cleaning Phase.  If any living moss is visible on the roof after the first six months cleaning phase, we will return and treat the offending areas at no charge.  If any living moss becomes visible on the roof again within three and a half years, we will return and treat the offending areas at no charge.  Our customers get freedom from moss for a predictable length of time.  Period.

Here are some testimonials from average people, specifically about their experience with our Warranties.

quotation_open-icon I could scarcely believe my eyes when the ROTban people arrived and spent hours re-treating the entire roof with moss remover, cheerfully and without charge.  I didn’t think anything was wrong.  I am utterly amazed, overwhelmed and delighted.  I will be happy to recommend ROTban to anybody who asks me. quotation_close-icon

– Mike Harvey, 20963 44 Avenue, Langley BC

quotation_open-icon Thank you for coming over so quick to respond to our problem.  It’s not often that you find a company who you feel cares about its clients.  I appreciate your honesty and integrity, and would not hesitate to recommend you to others, thank you! quotation_close-icon

Jorma Vuorma, 2555 Bluebell Avenue, Coquitlam, BC

quotation_open-icon My roof had about 2” of moss on it.  ROTban used an environmentally friendly spray which effectively removed the roof moss.  Also, ROTban honoured a long warranty whereby they re-sprayed the roof until all of the moss that had returned was gone. quotation_close-icon

Homeowner, 15448 36B Avenue, Surrey, BC

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