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Security matters to ROTBan

25 August 2017 by ROTban Services Corp.
2017 10 25 1005

At ROTBan, safety matter.

Don’t fall off that ladder. Do It Yourself People, Stay Safe. Two fresh stories about accidents that happened to people trying to work on their own roofs. Make sure your ladder is stable and cannot move.
Just yesterday I got a request for advice about moss removal from a do-it yourselfer in a remote location. Along with my advice, I said: “Please stay safe! Too many people doing this kind of work once in a long while end up very hurt from a fall. Use good safety sense, and all the best with your project.”

Well, aparently, they had already been working on the project, because she replied:

“Thanks Gregg – and funny (well not really ha ha) you should mention falling off the roof because that is exactly what did happen. My husband did not have the ladder secured properly at the bottom and down he went – no broken bones but weeks and weeks of pain and therapy – anyway lesson learned! Thanks for your help.”
Later, she added:
“It was when he was leaning from the top rung on the ladder and threw the soapy water on to the moss that his weight shifted and the ladder (not properly secured at the bottom on the rocks) went out from under him and he fell onto rocks! Again luckily no broken bones but I’d say between physio and acupuncture he’ll spend at least $750.00 – we should have hired a professional! And hopefully after a few months he will be healed completely but at this point we don’t really know (it was approx. three weeks ago).”

I run into this kind of accident too often. Just his Spring Cindy and I went camping to our favorite spot. We like to visit a really good Pizza place nearby. It’s really good pizza, and the owner always likes to chat. When I asked him how he was doing, he said,
“Did you notice my limp? I fell off a ladder and really messed my body up. It was my wedding day, and I had a bit of time, so I decided to clean my gutters.”
“Oh, ya,” he said,when I cringed, “I know all about safety, but I just reached a little to far to one side, and wham, down came the ladder.”

He proceeded to tell me about his various injuries.

Firstly, if you are going to do a project using a ladder around the house, or if you are about to go to a high place or a sloped place, please do some research on the safety. It could save you a lot of pain, lifelong injury, or even your life.
Secondly, why not have a well recommended, experienced tradesperson do the job. Chances are that the entire project will go much smoother for you.