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Roof Stain Removal: The Finishing Touch

October 30, 2020 by ROTban Services Corp. Webp.net resizeimage

Lots of us spend an enormous amount of time and energy and money keeping our homes looking their best. We clean them, fix things that need repair, landscape our yards, cut the grass, and make constant improvements. We pay close attention to the exteriors of our homes, including the siding, gutters, and the windows, but sometimes homeowners forget about the roof.

If you want your place to look its best, then you have to consider the roof as well. Roofs that are not tended to in our climate develop moss.

That moss (along with its buddies, fungus and algae), is nature’s way of breaking down dead material.

Furthermore, in addition to how it looks, that moss can shorten the service life of your roof. The moss will actually damage the surface and fabric of most roof types, and also cause leaks through “moss dams”.

When you’re are assessing that long list of chores that are needed to keep your place looking its best, don’t forget about your roof. The roof needs attention too, and don’t leave stains unattended to or ignore moss covering the shady parts. Long before your roof needs to be replaced, it will need maintenance.

Put the roof on your list of home features to attend to. Let professionals clean it for you, so the roof lasts as long as it should, and it looks nice to others who can see it. Don’t have a gorgeous landscape and a roof that is covered with moss or stains. This is our business, and we can help you.  We use a gentle and long-lasting method with no scraping, and no power washing.

Since 1998, ROTbanTM Ultra Cleaning Corp has been removing moss, algae, and stains from roofs, building exteriors, and landscape structures for commercial and residential customers. ROTbanTM operates throughout the Lower Mainland from West Vancouver to Hope.

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