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Here, we get to show you some of the projects we’ve done in our day to day activities. In 18 years there have been many of them! But with some, we’ve taken enough photos to make it interesting.

Check this out for a few minutes. See a project that interests you. We’ll explain a bit about it in pictures and text…the joy of accomplishment, the hurdles that had to be overcome, methods we used. We are adding projects to this section over time.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, the old saying goes, and the proof in our service is found in enduring health and beauty. We come, we do our work, and we go. Time passes. ROTban begins to amaze. While one would expect, by normal standards, a cleaning job to be at its best right when the job is finished, we are extremely excited to say that as time goes on, our cleaning appearance becomes even more beautiful, and that the typical downhill trend, the return to “bla” takes much, much longer than you would dare expect.

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