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Do you sell ROTban in bottles?

We don’t sell product, because we want to be sure that it is applied correctly, and that results are realized through the proper application. Safety training for working at heights is an important part of our training, and we don’t want customers of ours to end up working at unsafe heights without proper equipment and training.

Are you properly insured with Worksafe BC and with Liability insurance?

Yes. Our Worksafe BC number is 862809. We carry a 5 Million Dollar Liability Insurance, with Chutter,- Binder #838515 Our GST number is 850135799. We’re members of the BBB Mainland BC – please check us out!

Do you accept cash for a discount?

People sometimes offer cash, in hopes of a discount. Of course we accept cash, as well as cheques, and in some situations, Visa and MasterCard. But the idea behind giving a discount for cash holds no appeal for us. It’s actually more clumsy to deal with than cheques. Some people like to deal in cash and the idea is to keep the transaction “off the books.” This is illegal and is done to avoid paying one’s fair share of taxes according to law. That wouldn’t be our way of doing things.

What are the ingredients of ROTban?

We’re happy to share how and why ROTban works, and what it’s about. Since we do all the handling of our products, there is no reason for us to reveal our hard earned proprietary knowledge in that kind of detail. Sorry. The vast majority of our customers have enough of their questions answered to be satisfied.

ROTban is not a pesticide which is harmful to animals, an insecticide, which is harmful to insects, or even a herbicide, which is harmful to plants. It is a fungicide, a gentle form of targeted control.

The chemicals in ROTban are naturally occurring, not manipulated in a lab. They are targeted to affect simple microbe life-forms only, not plants or animals. It works by countering the enzyme activity used by the fungus to feed itself, neutralizing the feeding process. When ROTban keeps the destructive feeding process away with repeat action in each rainfall, it's stopping the decomposition and saving your valuable exterior cladding, roofing, landscape materials. As a bonus, the resulting, lasting cleanliness is pleasing to the eye.

ROTban treatment has been in use since 1998. Applied as it is by trained workers, it is targeted to the specific causes of stains in the specific areas of concern. Just as important as treating specific areas is the assurance that the surrounding areas are not treated or affected. The active ingredients are water carried. They dilute in water, and occur quite naturally in the earth. Because we have acid soil in the Lower Mainland, the PH balance levels out quite quickly in the earth. We protect all areas, such as windows, shrubs, flowers, cars and sidewalks, by pre-spraying with water and keeping them wet during treatment. This is an important part of our process. A painter tradesman must protect surfaces outside his target area with masking tape, special papers and tarps. ROTban workers mask with simple water. The wet surfaces dilute the any overspray and render it immediately ineffective.

Do you use contractors?

Our applicators are employees of ROTban Structural Service Corp. We make every effort to keep them working year round, at acceptable wages with which to make a home and raise a family in the Lower Mainland.

What’s the best time to apply ROTban?

We apply ROTban every month of the year with successful results, but freezing weather is not viable for this work. For roofs, many people think that it cannot be applied when the roofing is wet, and that the weather has to stay dry for a couple of days after application. This is true for many products, but not for ROTban, which works with the wet to do its job. Rain right after application actually helps the process by keeping the formula working after we leave. The cleaning process proceeds with every rainfall for years.

For exterior surfaces other than roofs, it helps to have rainfall going on while we work, because it helps the cleaning process, and helps with our masking. When it’s not raining, and the application is a bit slower.

So with both types of services, the work is regularly ongoing except in the ice and snow, and our products work exactly as outlined for each application, Warranted.

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