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Strata Roof Moss Removal

Whether you are a Property Manager, a Strata Council Member, or simply an owner who cares about the property’s appearance and well-being, you’ll find the services provided by ROTban Structural Services Corp to be appropriate, economical and eye pleasing! Property Managers for Stratas and their Councils know that they have a legal responsibility to keep the buildings they care for in good condition. Depreciation Reports are the norm. People move in and out of strata units more quickly than the average stand-alone home. So in the past, sometimes owners of strata homes would vote out maintenance projects to save money, all of which would catch up to future owners, who would often face special assessments which could have been avoided.

This is exactly where ROTban – Treatment That Lasts – comes in so handy. For a very reasonable cost, long term exterior health is achieved, and the resilience keeps the property valuable. Roof maintenance, whether asphalt, concrete, cedar or more exotic products, pays back excellent dividends through extended roof life. Building envelope care, as a whole, done on a forward looking basis, pays back handsomely as well. Let ROTban Structural Services Corp help with unsightly stain removal as well as moss, mold & algae treatment that lasts for your Surrey, Vancouver or Lower Mainland Strata.

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