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Danger of Moss

Moss’s Effects

On your house, moss is bad for any building material, because it draws food from that material, breaking down its colour first, and etching progressively more deeply into the product. Worse still, it provides cover for fungus, which is much more destructive. Fungus is a powerful decomposer. What do you see when you look at an old farmhouse, sagging and unsafe? You’ll surely see the moss, and many of its buddies. Algae stains will be evident, along with fading and chipping paint, and along with rot. Fungus will likely be flowering. If you ever think, like some do, that moss is ok on a building, you should examine this thought! What is the moss there for? It‘s part of a large group of living organisms that are there to break things back down into soil! They are decomposers, along with worms, bugs and any other wildlife that is attracted, including rodents and birds. We must guard against this destruction!

Moss is wonderful and beautiful in its place. Moss gardens, kept in control, can be rich in loveliness. In nature, it’s necessary and appreciated. But on your home, it is very similar to a graffiti “tag”. Once it’s there, its targeting your home for an onslaught of more and more of the same. In this case, the vandals are simple plant life, which will decompose your home, given time.
If you see algae stains, this is the beginning of the process. So really, cleanliness is your first line of defence against rot. The second defence is to create a clean environment, like removing shade if possible, and ensuring there are no leaks that drip water. Moss and its buddies need moisture, warmth, shade and food. But the most dependable key of all is their digestive process. ROTban creates an environment that cancels out the digestive juice of moss, every time it feeds, for years it works over a very long period of time to clean and sterilize constantly. This is the key to our success.

Eliminating Roof Moss

Roof moss is usually the issue. In the past, people have been scraping, brushing power washing and blowing the roof moss off. This is wrong, engineers warn. Roof materials are hearty against wind and weather, but none of them have been made to be scraped, pushed, and walked over constantly. The proper way to remove roof moss and keep it away is non-destructive, and the way in which ROTban leads the pack. It’s a roof moss removal treatment. Once applied, it works continuously. Moss withers, loses its grip, its size and shape, and becomes harmless, much less visible. Gradually, over time, it slides off the sloped roof in the rain and wind. Most of it goes into the gutter and slides down the drain. It’s able to slide out of the gutter through the downspout because it no longer has mass, but is like a muddy peat, movable and drainable by rainwater. Not only is this process better for your roof’s health and longevity, it is economical, because there is less labour and a long term, monitored warranty. You get what you want – freedom from moss – for a definite, predictable, four year period. Having us re-apply ROTban every five years will keep your home free of moss indefinitely.

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