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Concrete Roof Spot Removal

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Many people with Concrete Roofs are unhappy because of white spots that don’t clean away. The spots are often about the size of a Loonie. But you can have a beautiful brand-new-looking roof to be proud of.   ROTban’s proven system removes these spots and restores the roof’s original beauty without damaging the delicate tiles.  That’s a mouthful of a statement that has taken us years of Research and Development to be able to make. We call it SPOTban.

There are two problems that must be overcome to get the desired results.

Firstly, the stains, which may look like bird droppings, are a mineral coming from deep within the concrete.  The side view below shows how deep the stains are.  The proper name for this eyesore is Efflorescence.  The Concrete Tile Manufacturer’s Association says, essentially, “just put up with it, because it’s not affecting the technical job of the tiles”.  That’s what they say, but efflorescence causes high-quality homes to look ugly, and you CAN DO SOMETHING about it. Although the stains go deep, they can be removed and kept away for years!

Secondly, concrete tiles break easily because they are weak on the sides, where they overlap.  To complicate matters, replacement tiles of the same style are very difficult and expensive to find and install.  By using a gentle application and deep cleansing system, ROTban overcomes this problem too!  We call the system SPOTban.

This important service is freeing homeowners from the misery of ugly white spots that don’t wash out – all while keeping your roof safe from damage! If you have this problem, you can be proud of your home again and can have beautiful curb appeal. The proven “SPOTban” system removes this problem and restores the roof’s original beauty without causing damage!

Concrete tiles cross sectionSPOTban

White Spots on Roof – Efflorescence from Minerals
After Conditioning and Cleaning

First Full Before First Full Later

The SPOTban process deals with algae stains too! A complete roof renewal!

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