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Residential Moss Removal and Exterior Cleaning

You own your own home, or are paying it off. Homeowners are very aware that the time it takes to pay for their property greatly affects their lifetime capital gains. Money you, the house owner, pay out in interest on your mortgage will never be seen again. Once you fully own your home and burn your mortgage, do you want a healthy home or one that’s falling apart due to neglect? Mold, mildew and moss can do that to you! Look at any decrepit, rotting building, and once you get over the creepy feeling of half expecting rats to show up, you will realize that in most cases, moss is everywhere. Mold and mildew stain the shady areas. That’s the way it is. These growths have an assignment in nature. A mandate to break down dead matter into soil. They’re good at it! But Surrey home owners can protect their beautiful houses and lifetime capital growth by simply keeping the exterior areas clean with ROTban™ – Treatment That Lasts!

Wait a minute, one or two more things about your biggest lifetime investment. You and your loved ones live there! Health-wise, spores affect breathing for some of us. They are everywhere, but can be reduced greatly through exterior cleaning and sterilization. Open windows welcome in whatever is floating in the air. Let it be healthy air. Keep your home exterior clean and mold, moss and algae free.

Also… who appreciates coming home to a dingy dirty exterior? The buildup of goo on your roof, siding and concrete happens slowly, so you don’t really notice it happening. Check it out! Does your house look joyfully clean and friendly, or is there a discouraging – even depressing pall of dullness about it? Attitude, we are told, affects everything about our lives. When your loved ones come home to a crisp clean house, they’ll feel encouraged, uplifted. Coming home to a stained, soiled home can be discouraging, depressing. Many customers have admitted this to us, and expressed their joy at the transformation made by ROTban™ – Treatment That Lasts!

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