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Landscape Structures & Wall Cleaning

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Beautiful walls of gracious design, structures like pagodas, fences and ornate gates all grow dimmer over the years and the surfaces become dark with algae and mold. But the original beauty can be restored!

Interlock driveways grow moss and weeds, sidewalks look scuffed and grungy. All this is the work of nature in an area that’s mild and moist like Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Something can be done about it, though! Most of the dark stains are algae. Like everything, algae has a need to feed. It uses a mild acid solution to feed. Without acid, these destructive and stain producing growths cannot grow. If you want a lasting result, ROTban Treatment is your answer. Not only does ROTban QUIClean produce an immediate result, the effects are to create resilience in the surface of the product, whether that be wood, brick or concrete. The resilience comes with a sterilizing agent that continues to self-activate in any moisture. When the spores, which are drifting in the air all over, try to land and grow on your beautiful landscape structures, they cannot live in the environment. They cannot digest anything.

This is a new concept in keeping garden and landscapes beautiful, because ROTban Treatment restores the beauty and guards against staining for a long time.

Before Fence CleaningAfter Fence Cleaning


Interlock Pavers

Beautiful driveways and patios of interlocking paving brick rest on a bed of sand and have sand filling. That’s why they grow weeds and moss easily. They also get algae growth on the surface, making them look grungy. Power washing will erode the sand bed and cause irregular sagging.

ROTban™ Pristine Treatment will kill the weeds, grass and moss between the bricks without the use of any chemicals. We follow up with ROTban™QUIClean to clean and treat the bricks and sand, to keep moss and algae from growing back.

Immediate beauty, and long lasting results are achieved quickly with our trademark soft spray on, soft rinse off. Your paved area stays flat like it should, and streak free cleaning that lasts is achieved.

Poured concrete walls and flat surfaces

Caring for your concrete with ROTban QUIClean service is far better than power washing, because all the spores are sterilized on all surfaces, however rough they may be. Power washing doesn’t clean away all the spores and living organisms, because water cannot reach around corners and edges of the irregularities. In addition, the fan of the pressure washer water is not consistent across its length. This results in some parts of a path of cleaning water being better cleaned than others. The job looks good when it is first done, but algae grows back in streaks along the lines of the cleaning swaths taken in by the operator of the pressure washer. This can be seen in most cleaning jobs over time. ROTban is a sterilizing solution that lasts, so it is an even and consistent cleaning result.

We service the entire lower mainland:

  • Surrey
  • Vancouver
  • Mission
  • Langley
  • North Vancouver
  • Abbotsford
  • Delta
  • West Vancouver
  • Chilliwack
  • New Westminster
  • Maple Ridge
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