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Roof Moss Removal

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Kill moss on your roof

ROTban is the superior choice for lasting roof moss removal in Greater Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley, especially when compared to power washing or labour oriented cleaning. ROTban returns your roof to its original clean splendor and prevents future moss growth as it sticks tenaciously to your roofing product’s cells, and re-activates each time it rains. We know from experience that it continues to work, controlling moss and algae on your roof, for at least four years. Having your roof moss free not only improves the aesthetics of your home or building, but extends the life of your roof. And because we don't use a pressure washer or use any damaging tools at all, there is no risk of damaging your shingles or roofing material when we apply the ROTban treatment. ROTban roof moss removal can be used on a variety of roofing materials, including cedar or asphalt roof shingles, concrete, tar & gravel or flat roofs.

Read more about each roof type:

Certificate of Roof Compatibility

Freedom from Roof Moss

ROTban’s Moss Removal Service is gentle and long lasting, monitored freedom from roof moss.

  • It’s gently sprayed on
  • Moss dies and shrivels gradually
  • We come back in 6 months and ensure that it has completely sterilized the roof
  • We completely stand behind our Four-Year Conditional Moss Free Warranty
  • Included is a 6-month gutter flow warranty

We do not…

  • Scrape off or remove moss unless it is specifically included in the quote. Engineers don’t recommend that - roofing is more fragile than it seems.
  • Endanger the environment or the health of garden plants, animals or people.
  • Collect through our employees – our customers can pay remotely.
  • Require you to be home – people are busy!
  • Break Worksafe rules or any government standards, including tax laws.

How is the moss on my roof removed? Does it just slough off and fill up my gutters?

The shortest answer to your question is yes it sloughs off, but no, it doesn’t fill up your gutters.

ROTban™ affects your moss to make it starve and then biodegrade. If you have your gutters cleaned once a year for debris, we extend a 6-month Gutter Flow Warranty. We rarely get more than a call or two a year about gutter plug-ups on our Warranty, which is a pretty tempting call for homeowners to make.

The qualities of ROTban solution allows us to give a service that is not damaging to your roof. The use of tools and walking all over your roof is truly damaging. ROTban acts on every surface of your roof to continuously deny the ability of spores to grow long AFTER the moss is washed away.

I hope this helps. You can see by our history that this company keeps its promises, and we hope we can welcome you into our community of people who enjoy good, clean roofing with dependable long life.

We service the entire lower mainland:

  • Surrey
  • Vancouver
  • Mission
  • Langley
  • North Vancouver
  • Abbotsford
  • Delta
  • West Vancouver
  • Chilliwack
  • New Westminster
  • Maple Ridge
  • Hope
  • Burnaby
  • Pitt Meadows

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