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Metal Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Metal Roof Cleaned

We love cleaning and preserving metal roofs, beautifying and making them look like new. Removing the stains, removing the moss from metal shingles and panels is a breeze for the ROTban System. Darkness and streaks, green stains on the surfaces are caused by staining microbe growths. Successful results come from gentle cleaning with lasting preservation properties. Wood is restored to its natural beauty. The metal panels stay clean for years! Gentle ROTban – Cleaning Treatment That Lasts – denies the stain producing organisms the ability to feed. That’s all! They can’t create stains if they can’t feed there.

Metal Roof Cleaning

Before (left) and after (right) metal roof cleaning

Firstly, the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley have a Temperate Rainforest Climate. The environment here is warm, wet and shady a lot of the time. Mold, mildew and moss love this environment. The only other thing they really need, to thrive, is food. Amazingly, they find that even on shiny metal surfaces. They also need a rather acidic environment, which we also have. Acid rain has contributed to this aspect. Rotban will deliver resilient, beautiful cleanliness of the sparkling metal surface.

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