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The environment! Nature working in trillions of tiny ways, harmoniously, in amazing balance, to keep our earth a healthy and viable home for trillions of life forms, all of which need each other in intricate, unfathomable ways. We are the most intelligent and skilled creatures on the planet. So successful in subduing our environment that we are threatening it, because we have been out of tune with its rhythm. This must change.

ROTban Structural Services Corp systems, from top to bottom, have been developed in response to this significant need. They are organic in their way of responding, learning, growing and creating improved ways of doing things, inspired largely by modern biology and the will of our sons and daughters to be respectful of and in touch with nature while building viable economic lives. Making a difference to the world of nature. Charting a new course.

From carbon emissions from equipment and vehicles, through the use and care of scarce resources, through to the effects on the environment’s soil and water, we plan to keep our footprint small, and our benefits great.

We all need homes to live in, and these structures use scarce resources. They are expensive in terms of economics and in terms of the pollutants created in their manufacturer. We firmly stand for the care of all structures. When structures that we build to live in, work in, and store things in last, we are saving precious resources and reducing pollutants. People benefit from property maintenance economically, with absolute certainly. The environment benefits when you purchase fewer building products because you don’t need to replace them. Roofs and siding are an excellent example of this.

Cleanliness is the first line of defence against rot and deterioration of building products. Clean things don’t rot, because sterile things are, by definition, free of rot producing organisms. ROTban not only cleans, but sterilizes. Not only does it sterilize, either. It keeps sterilizing, as long as moisture is occasionally present, from dew and rain. Combine this with careful planning, using technology to avoid unnecessary gas guzzling vehicle use and you get the picture of our passion!

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