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Concrete Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Concrete Roof De-mossed

You want your concrete roof clean and healthy! If you don’t have a moss free concrete roof, you see ugly balls of moss, frilly lichen and stains growing all over, and you’ve just got to have it cleaned! But to wash your concrete roof every couple of years? That’s wasteful! Clean your roof right with the ROTban™ – Cleaning System that Lasts – and you’ll enjoy that clean concrete beauty for a long time! You can only have long lasting, really clean concrete roofing one way, and that is to have your roof deep cleaned and sterilized, with ongoing roof cleaning action through the months and years ahead. When you scrape off your roof or power wash the moss, it just grows right back in, because concrete naturally has tiny indentations in the surface where spores and roots cling. So you can waste a lot of effort and money by removing the moss you see, because the algae and stuff just comes back. Tiny spores float in the air and quickly get into the little pockets in the concrete and soon, moss is growing again. Brushing, blowing, scraping and pressure washing will not remove the roots of moss. The concrete must be sterilized deeply. Even then, if the sterilization doesn’t continue, the growths and stains will return. The ROTban ™ system sterilizes even the new spores and the cleaning action goes on with each rainfall for years and years.


Before and after concrete roof cleaning

Before (left) and after (right) concrete roof cleaning

Concrete is the hardest roofing material to clean properly, and achieve a self-cleaning environment in. The first necessity is to achieve a complete, deep sterilization, which can’t be achieved by power washers, brushing or scraping. It’s achieved with a liquid sterilizer. The second necessity is to create a continuous fungicidal environment. Our proprietary bonding technique, which adheres to the hard surface, gripping securely into the irregularities, keeps on working with each rainfall to eliminate new growths before they can sprout up. ROTban – Cleaning Treatment That Lasts – thus gives huge benefits to concrete roof owners.

Concrete roofs grow large, flowering mosses quickly, which is an eyesore and presents an atmosphere of deterioration. The frilly bright lichen that tends to grown on edges and ridge caps are highly visible and unsightly, making your entire home look uncared for. It’s time to call the ROTban™ team and enjoy the true beauty of your concrete roof.

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