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Siding Cleaning

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Clean Siding Protects from Algae, Mold & Mildew

The old ways haven’t been working – the House Siding Cleaning REVolution is here! Imagine a team cleaning the exterior of your beautiful, but dirty looking home in the following way…

The truck comes in. The workers gently spray ROTban QUIClean on a large exterior area. 20 minutes after the application, they are flushing a gentle spray of water over the area. The dirt comes pouring off. The area dries, and you exclaim that the wall is resiliently clean! Imagine, if you can, this lasting two to three years before noticeable stains begin moving in again. That’s the ROTban REVolution. Soft spray on, Soft Rinse off, Lasts for years.

Before siding cleaning2 years after siding cleaning
Before Siding and Roof Cleaned, 2012 vs. One Year Later, and Lasting Three Full Years

Less noise, less disruption, no problems with high pressure water getting where it shouldn’t go, or chipping away at your home. Economical, because it lasts.
Algae needs warmth, moisture, shade and food in order to grow. This is common knowledge. There’s one more vital component involved, and that is, feeding and digestion. Moss, mold and algae all use the same tactic, as do fungus and lichen. They excrete an acid, then draw it back into themselves again, along with any impurities they find. Those impurities are their food. Cancel out the acid, and you really have something. Clean walls. Keep that condition going for a long time, and you have long lasting, self-cleaning walls!

Results – an exterior wall is cleaned with one professional application and gentle rinse. Active cleaning continues for at least two years.

That’s environmentally friendly economy! Contact ROTban Corp for a free digital measurement and quote in your inbox.

Vinyl Siding

Beautiful vinyl can stay clean and resilient, beautiful and new looking for a very long time.  Polished and protected, bright and shining.  You can enjoy its beauty for years between cleanings.  This is our service, our offer to you – healthy house siding for years and years. Along with this your aluminum gutter exteriors become spotlessly clean.  Your flashings will sparkle.

Stucco Siding

Clean and sterilize stucco deeply, because it’s very porous. Completely washing away the algae from stucco stops permanent staining, which is caused when mold and mildew grow into the pores.  Don’t let this deep staining happen, because you cannot clean it out.  Along with this your aluminum gutter exteriors become spotlessly clean.  Your flashings will sparkle.  Act now to rejuvenate your stucco and protect it from the algae and mold.

Wood Siding

Dirt and stains are cleaned from wood siding without harming the paint.  Our gentle, thorough cleaning system bonds to the surface and keeps mold and mildew from growing back in.  Your paint will last longer and look more brilliant.  Your home will be well protected against nature and the weather. Along with this your aluminum gutter exteriors become spotlessly clean.  Your flashings will sparkle.

Hardy Board Siding

Before Hardy Board CleaningAfter Hardy Board Cleaning

Hardy Board Siding with some Chipping Paint Cleaned to a Like New Appearance

Washing hardy board must be done very gently – it’s more delicate than it looks. Gentle, pressure free washing for hardy board is necessary due to the fragility of the paint surface, in our experience.  Our soft wash of hardy board is the gentlest available, and has our unique repeat action cleaning process that not only removes stains, it keeps them away, giving hardy board clad homes excellent cleaning value. Along with this your aluminum gutter exteriors become spotlessly clean.  Your flashings will sparkle.

Concrete Building Cleaned Like New, and to Stay New Looking

Properly cleaned old concrete walls can look like brand new concrete and stay beautifully clean for years if they’re sterilized with ROTban – Cleaning Treatment That Lasts!

You want your concrete building cleaned, but what really saves money is when the cleaning lasts.  Dirty concrete wall exteriors can stay clean, but only when washed correctly. It’s amazing how ROTban cleans concrete walls!   Streaky, stained concrete looks dull and depressing.  It also harbours mold, mildew and other growths.  The magic of ROTban – Treatment That Lasts – is that not only does it deep clean the concrete wall exterior, but sterilizes it completely, and keeps sterilizing and re-cleaning it for years.  That’s healthy for you, your loved ones and employees.

Before Concrete Building CleaningAfter Concrete Building Cleaning

An employee who was working in a large hospital with entirely concrete walls came up to us and said “I’m so glad the management of this building finally cleaned the walls!  It was so depressing, coming to work every day, looking up at that huge wall of grime!” Now, two years later, this same wall is still looking like new.

Deep wall washing isn’t achieved by power washing, steam cleaning, scrubbing or sealing.  Cleaning deeply into the nooks and crannies of a concrete wall’s surface requires smart organic thinking, not pressure and labour.  What looks like streaks and dirt stains is mostly organic growths that feed on impurities while clinging to the uneven surface.  To have these washed away, leaving the exterior clean and beautiful, that’s what people are looking for.  But when they see that the walls become self-cleaning for years, that’s when they start raving about ROTban – Treatment that lasts.

It works because ROTban bonds into the cracks and crevices that the mold clings to, continuously re-sterilizing.  New spores try to re-colonize the wall, but just cannot feed there.  You can enjoy a more beautiful building while spending less money over the years.

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