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Our Process

ROTban is also unique because we are gentle and friendly

ROTban: How it works

Nature is relentlessly working to break lifeless items into soil again.  ROTban stops this process by:

  • sterilizing the area of the growths,
  • continuing to sterilize an clean,
  • protecting against the onslaught of new spores with each rainfall for years.

About the ROTban Treatment

A heavy, consistent soaking of ROTban Treatment, sterilizes the affected surface of algae, mildew, spores, fungus, lichen, moss and other simple life forms while also cleaning.

  • The chemicals in ROTban are naturally occurring, not manipulated in a lab.
  • They are targeted to affect simple microbe life-forms only, not plants or animals.
  • It works by countering the enzyme activity used by the fungus to feed itself, neutralizing the feeding process.
  • When ROTban keeps the destructive feeding process away with repeat action in each rainfall, it’s stopping the decomposition and saving your valuable exterior cladding, roofing, landscape materials.
  • The resulting, lasting cleanliness is very pleasing to the eye.

ROTban Treatment has been in use since 1998.

Applied as it is by trained workers, it is targeted to the specific causes of stains in the specific areas of concern. Just as important as treating specific areas is the assurance that the surrounding areas are not affected by the treatment.

  • We keep all surrounding areas free of algaecide by pre-spraying them with water and keeping them wet during treatment. this is an important part of our process.
  • A painter tradesman must protect surfaces outside the paint area with masking tape and tarps. rOTban workers mask with simple water.
  • When applied to the desired area, ROTban begins immediately to clean, sterilize and preserve.
  • The ROTban bonds to the target qarea and from then on, whenever it is moist, it is working.
  • This goes on for years, backed by our Warranty.
  • In the surrounding soil, any runoff ROTban is quickly neutralized by the ph balance in the soil.

Cleaning and removing moss from roofs, washing ugly algae stains from siding and pressure washing walls have become important services in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

ROTban Formulas and Services have solved the problems of how to de-moss roofs and clean siding on most exterior surfaces – without damaging these fragile yet important areas that protect everything you own and everyone you love. Aggressive power washing must be avoided. Soft Washing is better. ROTban Treatment for de-mossing roofs and cleaning siding, Ultra Soft Wash, is the very best way.

People that find this website often search for previously known methods of cleaning and de-mossing, such as power washing, zinc strips, and soft washing. That’s because these are concepts that have been in use for a long time. Read and understand how you will get the results you want – a clean home, beautiful and protected from the ravages of nature, in a more scientific, long term way that creates overall economy for your capital assets.

ROTban creates healthy building envelopes

Since 1998 the ROTban™ system has proven successful to clean roofing and building cladding. In this way, we are helping create healthy building envelopes on thousands of Lower Mainland homes, businesses and institutions.

ROTban™ is a revolutionary exterior building cleaning system that washes gently, with long lasting results. The original “flagship” rot proofing system been the basis of re-vitalized cleaning systems for virtually every exterior surface on homes, institutions and businesses. It’s cleaning roofs, siding, exterior fabric and concrete. Most importantly, this cleaning lasts a long time and prevents stains and deterioration!

Beauty, economy and health describe the new environment that ROTban is creating for Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley Residents and their lovely homes and work places. Reach out now and talk to us now – by phone, email or by filling out our convenient estimate request form.

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