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Roof Moss Removal Warranty – 4 Years

Our warranties are currently being updated and are subject to change without notice. Please check back soon for the revised version.

Six-month Cleaning Phase

For the first six months after ROTban ™ Application, it will be cleaning your roof.  In that time, the optimum cleaning will be achieved.  As part of our service, we return in about 6 months to check your roof.  If there is any living moss or algae on treated areas, we will re-treat the appropriate areas at no charge, to ensure a complete sterilization is achieved.

Three and a Half Year (Additional) Stay Clean Phase

After sterilization, ROTban™ will continue to work with each rainfall to prevent re-infestation of moss, mold, mildew, fungus or lichen for a further three years.  In the event of re-infestation, the treated area will be addressed with a new treatment at no charge.

Downspout Drainage 6 Month Limited Warranty

As part of our service, we ensure all downspouts are clear and able to drain properly.  Our 6 month limited downspout flow warranty applies to moss obstruction only.  Tree and leaf debris will clog gutters, and we recommend a yearly gutter cleaning schedule for that reason. A travel charge will apply on a gutter leak or debris problem, as these things are not covered by our warranty nor are they related to our specific moss control system.


Your Warranty comes into effect from the date of completion of our services, and should be kept with a copy of our Agreement or Contract, marked Paid.  All Warranties are transferrable.

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