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What Does Bonding Have To Do With It?

23 February 2020 by ROTban Services Corp.
Bonding set for blog display

I’m magnetically attracted to the subject of bonding. Magnets are fascinating. I just can’t pull myself away from them. Incredibly useful, they show what bonding is all about.

No need for glue, tape, screws, nails, welding. They hold together by a scientific principle that isn’t visible, and so it appears as magic.

But I’m in the building maintenance industry, and a great way to look at the importance of bonding is the trade of painting. If paint doesn’t bond fully and evenly, there’ll be problems in the future.

The paint must achieve an “inseparable” dynamic with the surface. What gets in the way is dust, dirt, grease and things like that. What’s needed is a clean surface. Outdoors, even more so.

In addition, to those bond breakers are the many simple plant spores that land on the surface, and the sprouting and growing that happens. They’re stopping the bonding, and not only that, they can grow while under the paint, causing further separation. They can also grow right through the paint and become visible.

Professional painters sterilize exterior surfaces first, so the paint’s ingredients can marry the surface to be painted. This lets the quality of the paint job last, because it will adhere. Without preparation for bonding, the quality of paint used can be meaningless.

There are ingredients in nature that have bonding qualities, and this is what you should know about exterior cleaning. You see, the commonly used cleaner that’s called bleach is well known as a sterilizer, but it doesn’t bond. Very quickly, the effects fade out. Microbes return, germs return.

But now, mankind has discovered natural cleaners that continue through the wonders of bonding. Now, if a cleaner will bond, as well as clean, we have something very useful! It’ll keep germs and spores away.

Since, on exterior surfaces, growing spores cause stains and rot, this is a cleaning breakthrough of great significance!

Moss, mold, mildew, fungus lichen and algae spores are floating around everywhere, trying to get growing. The flowering fungus and its buddies are bio-degraders. They are assigned by nature to break dead things down into soil. Exterior building surfaces are not alive, and we try to preserve them.

The cleaners that both sterilize and bond are the best preservation systems. ROTban is one of them.

Materials that ROTban™ does this for are:

Wood, (finished and unfinished), vinyl, hardy board, stucco, metal, concrete, asphalt, glass and more. They’re the typical building products for buildings and roofs.

The results achieved from ROTban’s gentle application of algaecide that bonds are over the top! We invite you to look around our website, and follow our display photo theme of Before, Later, and Much Later. Stay-clean effects in mossy, dank areas have been demonstrated to last up to five years.

Since 1998, ROTbanTM Ultra Cleaning Corp has been removing moss, algae, and stains from roofs, building exteriors, and landscape structures for commercial and residential customers. ROTbanTM operates throughout the Lower Mainland from West Vancouver to Hope.

If you have any questions about this article or would to schedule an appointment with us, please call (604) 761-5640 or email us at info@rotban.ca.