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How Does “Soft Washing” for Exterior Cleaning Work?

March 31, 2020 by ROTban Services Corp.
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Dirt, grime, mildew and mold can show up and build up on any surface. In some cases, a quick wash with a hose may be enough to clean it off.

However, often a more thorough cleaning is required. While most people may still be tempted to reach for the pressure washer, this might not always be the best choice.

High pressure from the water can damage many surfaces, and although the dirt might be removed, damage is also done. Thankfully, there is a low-pressure washing process option that helps you achieve excellent results without high pressure damage. This is called “soft washing”.

Ideal for exterior building cleaning, soft washing is a great option to remove regular dust and dirt. Soft washing is different than pressure washing in that it uses specialized cleaning agents and solutions that are specifically purposed to combat whatever buildup the surface has, followed by soft brushing and rinsing.

Soft washing is not only great for siding cleaning, but also for canopy cleaning. But typically, contractors doing soft washing even call low power pressure washing “soft washing”, so you need to be careful about this on
some building surfaces.

Suds and brushing certainly don’t work well on concrete structures, walls and patios. So, typical contractors will use their “low power pressure washing” on these.

Roofs are no place for brushing and power washing of any sort. On most materials used in roofing, walking on them must be kept to a minimum. That’s a different blog article, a very important one. There are many reasons why you must not allow these things to be done to your roof!

We’re going to move a step ahead from the above descriptions of soft washing and introduce something which is softer than washing with suds and brushes, a way that not only cleans more gently but keeps cleaning when the workers leave!

It’s better because the kind of cleaning is more effective and is also long lasting. Ultra Soft Washing is the new standard for thinking people. The cleaning system called ROTban™ sterilizes the surfaces, as well as cleaning them. That sterilizing process goes on month after month, year after year!

That’s important, because in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley of BC, (along with all temperate) climates, algae is the big stain producer! Moss, mold, mildew, fungus and algae love this climate. They grow easily and
reproduce quickly in the warm, shady moisture. They make stains and heavy growths, doing damage to building surfaces as they feed.

Since it’s proven and understood that walking on roofs, brushing, blowing, scraping and rinsing off is damaging, the ultra soft wash system is the celebrated answer. That’s because it’s gentle, and long lasting.

Decades of proof on thousands of roofs, and repeat purchase orders over many years by highly discerning institutional building owners demonstrate this with certainty. Homeowners, too, have been praising ROTban for over 20 years. Ultra Soft Washing is the scientific way to deal with moss growths and dark stains on roofs.

ROTban customers receive freedom from destructive, staining organisms with certainty for a long period of time, because the algaecide soap works, and management backs up all its claims with warranty inspections and on-call warranty services.

If you’re finding the exterior of your building in need of cleaning, or your roof losing its health and beauty, why not have the professionals at ROTban Ultra Cleaning advise and quote for you?

Read on: what is “soft wash”?

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