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Clean: The First Step to Beautiful

December 18, 2019 by ROTban Services Corp. Blog 2 1

I did a social media picture post with the statement “Clean- the First Step to Beautiful”. It received a quick affirmation from a cosmetologist. She said that yes, without clean skin, you can’t do much. With it, you can do so much! Cosmetology is associated with hygiene of life. I was thinking about cleaning buildings. Huh!

It’s kind of a universal statement, right? Clean relates to health, and health is beautiful, wherever you apply this crisp little statement. It’s a maxim of life to wash things and keep them clean.

In most cases, cleanliness itself is enough to let the natural beauty of anything shine through! That’s why we love what we do here at ROTban! It’s basic, unavoidable.

Cleaning promotes health and beauty, even in the structures around us. Like on our faces, letting dirt and microbe growth accumulate on building materials lets the destructive forces in nature have free reign to relentlessly destroy.

Exterior surfaces don’t conjure up big worries about germs. But in a moderate climate, where it’s warm, moist and shady, be aware of the spores of simple biodegrading growths: moss, mold, mildew, fungus and algae.

In temperate, lush climates, they proliferate. They are rot producers and do damage to most typical building cladding products. They are creators of rot!

Even on the hard surfaces that they don’t damage, they do cause unsightly stains. You may have noticed this and wondered what it was.

But soap itself can be damaging. In personal care, there are many scientific solutions available, and a cosmetologist will fill explain the various needs and appropriate solutions. We don’t wash with grandma’s lye soap anymore, with good reason. We know we need gentle solutions with specific performances.

It’s also true, and we know it well, that washing isn’t permanent, so it’s great when we find something which is not only gentle but has continuing action and lasting benefits.

That sounds pretty pie in the sky, but outdoors, with the activities of weather, we can achieve all these things. Our homes and buildings
keep us out of the weather, and they must stand up to it. This provides advantages when it comes to keeping them clean.

There are natural ingredients that can be used to work whenever there is moisture present. When they are enabled to bond to the surface, and activate in moisture, there’s non-damaging cleaning with long-lasting results.

That’s exactly what ROTban™ is doing for thousands of buildings.
You can have a clean home exterior, office building, storefront, warehouse, or institutional building that shines out natural beauty for a long time with each gentle cleaning. We’d like to show you how this can happen for you. All you need to do is contact us by any of the standard means, and you’ll get a good, clean answer!

Since 1998, ROTbanTM Ultra Cleaning Corp has been removing moss, algae, and stains from roofs, building exteriors, and landscape structures for commercial and residential customers. ROTbanTM operates throughout the Lower Mainland from West Vancouver to Hope.

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