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White Vinyl Siding Cleaned

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White Vinyl Siding Cleaned

Not just clean, not just gently clean, ROTban makes vinyl siding cleaning last for years!

Vinyl siding on homes in the Greater Vancouver area is very popular. It’s great for a lot of reasons, but from the cleaning perspective, it doesn’t easily stain so deeply you can’t get it out, like stucco does. No one likes the drab, unhealthy look of algae and mold infested siding, but when vinyl is washed, it restores well. That’s because the colour is the same throughout the plastic product. It’s non porous, too, and that also helps. Conversely, stucco is very porous. In past decades, it was very popular to power wash exterior cladding like California stucco and vinyl siding. Vinyl always came out looking the best. It was easier than hand washing, scrubbing with soap and a brush. But the downside came clear when the “Leaky Condo” crisis happened in Vancouver. The water from a power washer can be forced through the corners and edges of the siding, get behind the water barrier, and cause structural rot!

The surface of Vinyl siding is shinier and more resilient than the basic product itself. Sun can damage this sheen, and so can power washing. Once broken, that seal will never return, and it’s a downward spiral, as far as the beauty of the home is concerned. Soft wash is preferred over power washing, but its labour intensive, and the effect doesn’t last.

ROTban is a completely different “solution”. It’s a REVolution, taking advantage of science and innovation to give homeowners more benefits than any previous method. The ROTban solution goes on very gently, almost like it would with a bathroom showerhead. Its gentle cleaning action starts immediately. Before long, the solution and dirt are rolling off under the second phase of cleaning – gentle water washing. When the mildew and mold wash gently off, the resilient beauty that emerges is beyond that of any other type of cleaning. That’s just the start. The months – and even years – tick by, and the vinyl stays clean.