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Concrete Wall Cleaning Lasting Four Years, 2012 to 2016.

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Concrete Wall Cleaning Lasting Four Years, 2012 to 2016.

This project was done in 2012. The building had a great deal of dark algae growing on the concrete. The building manager had tried hiring a power washing contractor to clean it, but the algae came back within a year or so. The manager then tried a contractor who used hot water power washing, and then a concrete sealer. This was very expensive, but the algae came back within a year or so. ROTban was called in. We did our Ultra Soft Wash, and got immediate results. The Warranty was that it would stay clean for two years. Four years later, it is beginning to show signs of re-infestation. ROTban exceeded all expectations and is still resisting algae stains.

We applied ROTban Wall Cleaning Treatment That Lasts, using our low pressure spray treatment system. We allowed the cleaning and sterilizing action to work for a half an hour. Then we followed up with a garden hose. The dirty algae washed off as if it was a waterfall of filth. The beautiful, clean concrete building emerged. From that time on, the ROTban algaecide has been protecting the wall. Staying bonded, unseen, to the concrete, it’s working every time the rain falls on the wall. The wetness creates an activated sterilizing solution, which doesn’t allow the mold, mildew, algae and other stain producing organisms to take hold.

Doing building cleaning like this gives owners many advantages. The cost is low because the walls stay cleaner, longer. The environment benefits, because less energy is consumed, and the solution is environmentally responsible. There is less noise, and much less disruption around high traffic areas than previous generations of building cleaning. Beauty emerges quickly, and our staff moves on, leaving another delightful, beautiful building in place of grungy one. At this particular location, an employee came and thanked us, because the dirty building was depressing to come to work in.