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Cedar Roof Cleaning

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Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar roofs that have not had roof moss removal and preservation only last about 20 years in the Lower Mainland on average.  This roof had done very well to get to the age of 32.  Then we did ROTban cedar roof cleaning on it in 2013.  Once cedar roof maintenance had been completed, it was up to ROTban to ensure it got the best anti moss treatment and preservative possible, so that it wouldn’t rot away.

We applied ROTban moss treatment for roofs in December of 2013.  The moss treatment is also a rot proofing. When simple plant life like moss, fungus and lichen infest the wood, their feeding process rots the wood.  ROTban doesn’t just clean the moss from the roof, it keeps the moss and organisms like it from growing, which preserves the porous wood.

The wood is dark in colour because of moss and its buddies, mold, mildew and algae.  The algae stains the wood surface – wherever it’s exposed.  This slimy stuff rots the roofing.  ROTban can be seen in the second photo to have cleaned away most of the stain.  Because of that, the new wood blends much better with the old shakes.  

Not long after that, the ROTban roof moss removal and algae cleaner has completely cleaned all moss, mildew and algae off the wood surface.  You can’t tell the old wood from the new!  This is excellent for appearance and preservation.  This roof, which as of this writing in February of 2017, is 35 years old, and is looking fabulous.  It’s continually rid of moss and algae stains, and is beautifully strong and resilient.