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Hand Removal of Cedar Roof Moss

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Hand Removal of Cedar Roof Moss

A golf course is a beautiful place for recreation. Well-manicured lawns and an atmosphere of tranquility are offered, with many features to increase the fun of the game. Riverway Golf Course, off Marine Drive in Burnaby, is no exception. Located near the Fraser River, and with water features very close to the Pro Shop and Driving range, it’s environmentally sensitive. When the City of Burnaby decided on ROTban Corp to do their moss removal, environmental purity was the top thing on the managers’ minds.

ROTban was chosen to do the roof moss removal because our solution posed no threat to the fish in the beautiful pond. Even so, further precautions were offered. Rarely do we recommend hand removal of moss from roofs, because of the possibility of damaging wear and tear. It isn’t necessary, because our moss removal treatment does the job, over a few months, without the costly labour, in the gentlest manner possible. It goes on softly, and the wear and tear just doesn’t happen, because weather does the rest of the work. The treatment remains in the roofing material and constantly soaks the moss, mildew, mold and all its buddies–damaging fungus, lichen and algae. That’s because its moisture activated. When the growths try to feed, their feeding process is neutralized. Unable to feed, they are unable to live, and let go their life-grip. Turning into relaxed muck, they slide off the roof.

As you see in the photos, this project was largely accomplished with a gentle brush removal. The moss was then transported to the land fill. Many truckloads of it! After that, ROTban Moss Removal Treatment was applied in a gentle spray, with very low pressure, much like rainfall.

In these photos, the final result is not shown, because the project was comp leted just a couple of weeks before this writing. However, the roof will, as other projects we display, become more and more the colour and texture of driftwood, as it is sterilized and preserved, to the point of being like a wonderful driftwood log on the beach. Clean and growth-free.

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