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What Causes Moss and Algae?

March 27, 2016 by ROTban Services Corp. moss roof blog

One of the problems you may encounter with your home’s maintenance is moss and algae. Algae and moss are similar, yet quite different in how they develop and how they can be removed.

You may notice that your roof, while not black in color, is forming a black discoloration. Most people will misidentify this as mold or mildew, when in actuality it’s algae build up. Very prevalent in the United States and Canada, algae will continue to grow on any surface where there is plenty of moisture to help it along.

Causes of Moss and Algae:

  • When shade is combined with cool temperatures and rain, algae and moss will start to form. Once it’s visible to you, it’s probably been there for three to four months already.
  • Algae spores can be carried by the wind or animals and transported to your roof. Algae build-up is very common. Usually when you see one roof in a neighborhood affected by algae, you will see others too.
  • Moss is a non-vascular plant that receives water through its leaves. Moss tends to grow on north-facing roofs in North America.

Moss and algae will grow on every roof surface: asphalt shingles, wood shingle roofs, roll roofing and wood shake roofs. Once roof moss and algae are spotted, they should be removed as soon as possible. Without removal, the roof surface will, over time, become damaged to the point of needing total repair.

You will want to have the moss and algae treated right away. To get things moving immediately, look for moss removal company like ROTban in Surrey and have an expert evaluate your property. Roof repair can be expensive, so fixing a moss and algae problem as early as possible could save you a lot of money in the long run.