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Reasons to Use Moss Removal Service on Concrete Walls and Roofs

February 28, 2016 by ROTban Services Corp.

Moss has more serious repercussions than one might think, looking at it on a concrete wall or roof. It’s not just plant life – it can cause major problems for your structure! Moss removal service is an important part of maintenance and upkeep for your concrete walls and roofs, to keep them in great shape for years to come.

Why should you be worried about moss removal? To start with, moss can be quite unsightly, blocking the beautiful site of your home or building. If you want your structure to look good, and be appealing to others who see it, you need to take the moss away. Especially if you are trying to sell your home, or simply keep up the curb appeal and value, it is important to invest in moss removal.

Moss is also a problem when it comes to the longevity of your building. Plant life like moss excretes acid that will destroy your concrete, whether it’s on the wall or the roof. This lets the outside in, and drastically affects the safety and health of your building.

Luckily, moss removal service is not out of your reach! By using innovative services you can ensure that your concrete walls and roofs are free of moss for good.

ROTBAN is an effective moss removal service that lasts for years, leaving your concrete structures looking brand new. ROTBAN will clean, sterilize, and preserve your concrete by neutralizing the feeding system of the microbes that create moss. It works on an ongoing basis, by raising the pH level to combat the acid that breaks down your structures if left unchecked.

If there’s moss growing on your home or building, don’t turn a blind eye – get started with a moss removal service right away.