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Property Managers, Stratas and Councils

7 April 2021 by ROTban Services Corp.
Property Mgr Council

Townhomes, Condos, and row houses are important real estate holdings in the Greater Vancouver area. They have Councils to manage on behalf of the owners, and most have a Property Manager to ensure legal compliance and to assist in the management.

Are you a Property Manager looking for exterior cleaning services? You can skip the rest of this paragraph and read on. Are you a Strata Council member looking for exterior cleaning and/or related services? We’d like to talk with you, hear your thoughts, see the cleaning problems you want to solve, and show you how we can solve those problems. We’ll do our very best to get you the quotes you need, in time for your next meeting. We usually need at least one week between the first meeting and the quote deadline. If you, the reader are in a Strata home but not on council, please discuss your needs with your council. Nothing can be done without going through the workings of council.

Some Property Managers specializing in taking care of traditional houses on lots. We do not seek meetings with renters. In the case of rental houses, we direct all information only to you. For Property Managers of multi family buildings seeking a good provider of exterior cleaning, including roof moss, siding cleaning and ground level cleaning, the rest of this article is about how we handle your requests.

We want to make your job easy and have you appreciated for finding a good company which is effective and personable, well organized and consistent throughout the relationship. We find that most Strata Councils appreciate getting full and direct attention from a company who is asked to give a quote, so we like to call someone on Council and arrange a meeting. We want hear about their needs and see the situation with them. This sets up a clear communication line right away. We like to explain about the ROTban approach to their cleaning needs.

Next, we take the information and develop a quote, based on the onsite tour and detailed observations through online resources. We email the quote, along with backup information, and send this by email to you, the Property Manager. If Council wants the quote directly, we cc them.

We develop a timeline for ourselves, with goals for each step. First meeting, deadline for submission, and some idea of when the job is being planned to be done. We’re aware that sometimes quotes are requested simply to get an idea of costs of a project. That’s okay. We know that there is a budget into which any quote must fit, and that if the cost of the cleaning is beyond a certain cap, there’s a longer process. Council will generally choose and recommend a company’s quote that’s beyond the cap, then take it to a Special Meeting or AGM for approval by the members. So it can take time for approval to formulate.

Assuming that ROTban is eventually chosen, we then find a mutually workable date for fulfilment of the job. At the right time, notices will be required, so the owners know when workers will be at their home, and what they should expect. There are several ways to keep owners informed. They range from posting notices at important points, through to using a community Facebook page. We can post daily notices to the homes we’ll be at on the next workday, or tell a council member, who will email out progress notices.

We believe in close communication all through our company and with everyone who is contemplating our quotes or receiving our services. That just makes sense generally, but more particularly in the case of ROTban because ours is a very different system than most people expect. So, we take care to be communicative, with notices, emailed documents, general informative videos sent through emailed links, and links to videos speaking to their exact strata. Pre-covid, we would attend council meetings and speak on our proposals at AGMs or Special Meetings.

In general, ours is a scientific approach, using laws of nature and Ph balance to achieve extraordinary results that get more beauty and longer life for all building products by cleaning in a gentle, non damaging way, and which lasts significantly longer than other methods. It isn’t hard to understand and Councils may pick up on it quickly and accept the concepts we present. But we want to make the information available to each owner, so that any preconceptions about what to expect are adjusted before we start. Hence the video links, published articles and descriptive documents.

When the job is properly completed, invoiced, and paid, that’s not the end! We have long Warranties which we are very careful to fulfil. In the case of roof moss removal treatment, for example, we come at the 6 month point to ensure that complete sterilization has taken place, and deal with any straggling issues.

All in all, you’ll be dealing with a group that really cares about your reputation, the structural integrity of the property involved, and the families we work for. Just fill out a Contact Us form, email or call us.