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Let the Buyer Beware

July 29, 2021 by ROTban Services Corp.
Let the Buyer Beware

The above photo was taken on April 30, 2021 at Clayburn Creek Trail in Abbotsford.  The suds were the result of a contractor cleaning the roofs at a nearby townhouse complex.  People who were taking a walk to enjoy a lovely quiet forest creek were shocked to find that it was brimming over with these heavy soap suds for a stretch of over three kilometers.

B.C.’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy echoed this account, saying it had also confirmed that the substance causing the foam in the creek is Tide powdered detergent.

The use of Tide for roof moss removal has been an Urban Myth for decades.  Do you want to hire a contractor who gets his education and work practices from urban myths?  I get it that some homeowners fall prey to this unfortunate short-term trick, and that they may mistakenly hire unscrupulous workers who use it.  But usually, Complexes and Stratas are more discerning than this.  I suppose it was tempting to go for the lowest price without doing much investigation if they don’t have enough in the maintenance budget.

I submit that a little research can often expose a dark underbelly beneath a thin veneer of sales talk.   Moss removal based on “common sense” and local rumors is doing a lot of damage.  Please think about what’s going on and make well informed decisions about this kind of thing!

Beyond the basics of skill, education, length of time in business, reviews, and such – let’s also realize this when we are choosing a contractor: the old ways are not the best! Science has revealed many surprises in the past couple of decades and has affected the way we treat our home exterior cleaning greatly.  There is a new buzzword – Soft Wash. It refers to gentle exterior cleaning.  Even within that category, some of the science is outdated. There needs to be an understanding of the science behind rot and stains that are biological.  An understanding of how building materials can be damaged in the process of cleaning.  All over this website, you will find clear information about what these things are and how we can use science to defeat property and environmental damage.

Many of our customers are very environmentally conscious.  They choose us because ROTban™ is natural, and  has been proven, long term, to be very responsible in terms of environmental health.  They understand that expedience in terms of cheap prices can take a heavy toll on their property.  And that the price of a long term and non damaging solution is more economical because it lasts so long.

Moss, mold, algae, lichen and fungus are the basic foundation of decay. They feed upon building products and cost you money.  Getting rid of these things can be done scientifically, avoiding property and environmental damage in the process of cleaning.

Contact us about your exterior cleaning problems and we’ll be happy to explain more.