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Building Enclosures – Siding Cleaning Errors

March 16, 2022 by ROTban Services Corp.
Building Enclosures – Siding Cleaning Errors

Siding cleaning must be done with a gentle process to avoid creating rot on the inside of the exterior walls. Typically, in Greater Vancouver, homes are clad with self sealed systems consisting of siding and an underlayment.  Any injection of water beyond these two protection products is trapped within the wall, causing rot. The rot producing agents are mold and fungus.  The water does not go through the interior wall and thus be noticed. It also soaks the insulation, reducing its ability to keep out the cold.  All without you noticing it.

Any protrusion through a wall, like windows, vents, and any non flat area, like wall corners, can be loose enough to let high pressure water through. These are the main reasons that Power Washers should not be used to wash siding.  Surfaces of your beautiful siding material can also be damaged by Pressure Washers.

Power Washers typically run at 2,000 to 4,000-PSI – enough to cut through human skin when using a high focused tip, or by being too close to it. The picture above is one of many that can be easily found. It’s more than enough pressure to take the resilient surface off vinyl siding and aluminum siding.  They can chip Hardy Board and painted wood like crazy.

The proper procedure for washing a house exterior is Soft Washing. That is done with a soft, gentle application of soapy water, agitating, and then rinsing. It does not force water through the cladding or damage the beautiful surfaces.

ROTban™ Ultra Cleaning is called the Ultimate Soft Wash, because it’s superbly gentle, and has a long-lasting stay-clean effect through continuous spore sterilization.

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