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Moss Removal Must be Done Correctly

March 27, 2017 by ROTban Services Corp. Blog 3

Roof moss removal people are wrong when they get rid of moss by scraping.  Walking all over a mossy roof, using equipment to brush, scrape and pry moss off, and even using power washers to kill roof moss?  Is that what they want to do?  Those methods have been proven to be destructive.

Roofing is expensive, and much more delicate than it may seem.  Each type of roofing material has weaknesses which are seriously made worse by walking on the roof and by using equipment on it.  

Asphalt Shingles need Tender Loving Care

Asphalt shingles have granulation, which isn’t just for colour.  Granulation on an asphalt roof shingle must be left intact, because it shields the oily tar of the shingle from the sun’s destructive UV rays.  When a shingle loses its granulation, it is not protected from the sun, and the tar, the waterproofing, bakes.  It hardens up and shrivels up.  It fails.  Have you ever seen a plastic toy or bottle that was left in the sun?  It breaks in your hand. This is the power of UV rays.  The same thing happens with asphalt shingles that lose granulation.

Even window washers, and even roofers who are applying the shingles, cause this kind of damage when walking on asphalt shingles.  Everyone doing these service jobs notices, but those who understand what’s happening don’t want to think or talk about it.  Most don’t even have a clue what destruction they are doing.  Whoa! Even one year of roof life taken from a roof is far too expensive!

Concrete Tiles Crack Easily under Pressure

Mossy concrete roof tiles can crack easily when stepped on.  They are mostly strong, yes, absolutely.  But the edges are made to overlap each other.  That overlap area down the side is less than half of the thickness of the rest of the tile.  If a concrete tile that’s being cleaned gets too much weight, it snaps right down that vulnerable line.  Concrete tiles are very specific in dimension.  It can be hard to find the right replacement size, shape and colour.  You don’t see this cracking from the ground.  Avoid this by using the ROTban system, where walking on the roof is kept to the absolute minimum possible, and we do not scrape or power wash.

Cleaning Metal Roofs Wrong Can Warp Them

Metal shingles are often formed to look excitingly good.  They can be formed so accurately because the material isn’t very thick.  Walking on them can collapse the 3D appearance and loose not only good looks, but good waterproofing.  

Cedar Roof Moss Removal Issues

Cedar roof shingles and shakes are slippery with mossy algae, dangerous, and crack and deform under pressure of feet.  There are boots that keep workers from sliding off cedar roofs, but guess what?  They make indents in the wood.  Each boot step is creating a dozen or so compressions.

Who Admits It?

Amazingly, many of these uniformed or unscrupulous labourers advise doing this destructive kind of work regularly, every year or two!   No, you should not do that! ROTban was developed scientifically, knowing the engineering approach.  It has proven itself for decades to be gentle and long lasting.  Using the ROTban system, you save money in two important ways.  You get longer roof life by removing destructive moss gently.  You get moss and stain removal that lasts for many years, so your cost per year of effective freedom from roof moss is low.

Check out our portfolio to see our amazing job doing moss removal.