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Moss Removal: Go With A Professional

August 25, 2015 by ROTban Services Corp. moss roof blog2

If your home’s roof looks a little discoloured these days, it might be a moss problem. And the same can be said for sidewalks, stone walls and fences. Moss is an algae and if left untreated will continue to grow and fester. It not only looks unsightly, it can cause unseen damage to your home or property.

Rather than let the problem grow, take some preventative steps now. It may look like a pretty easy job to remove moss from your home’s roof; in reality, it’s a big job and not to be undertaken alone.

Invite a professional to come out to give you a full assessment of what is wrong on your home and around the property. You may be surprised to discover that moss remediation treatment can be affordable, and save you money in the long term as it extends the life of your roof or outdoor walls.

Moss on your roof can discolour it, to the point of it looking black and in some instances, a moldy green. Certainly not at all attractive. Roof moss will only continue to grow every time it rains, and you know how much it rains. The good news is that once the moss is removed it will stay that way for years. The last thing your roof needs or wants is an algae growing on top of it. This will lessen the life of the roof.

Moss can also infiltrate concrete buildings, too, leaving them with a dirty, dull exterior sheen. Dirty concrete walls will stay clean, BUT only if cleaned properly. That’s why it’s important to have a professional company come out to do the hard work for you.

Mossy, green fences which are supposed to be white, are also very treatable. Just one application will have your pretty white fences looking white even after a year has gone by.

Go with a company and a team of experts who will make your home sparkle. Just the way you know it’s supposed to look.