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Mold Mildew and Moss Devastation

December 19, 2014 by ROTban Services Corp. Concrete Wall BA no identity

It grows in slowly but surely.  Your eyes get used to it, because from one day to the next, there is so little difference. Small stains of mildew, amazingly, eventually cover an entire shady area, and invite more growths in to the feast. A garden of algae, mold, all kinds of goo, along with flowering moss.  I’m amazed at how much of it I see on homes. My experience with the destruction makes me want to shout out, “Can you see what’s happening to your home?”

A new concrete wall sucumbs to the growth, and in time, what you see is a dark ugly surface, subtly affecting your mood and pride in your home.  A concrete roof starts out in the colour you choose, which compliments your exterior colour scheme, and in a few short years, it’s dark and streaky.  A recent customer was convinced that her roof colour had remained the same over the five or so years since the home was built.  When ROTban – Treatment That Lasts – was applied, she was truly overwhealmed with surpise and joy at the transformation.

It’s so easy to demonstrate the destructive power of these simple plant like growths.  Just take a look at any house or building that has clearly lost its beauty and usefulness.  In a climate of Moderate Rainforest like the Lower Mainland of BC and Fraser Valley, you will without doubt see moss and algae growing all around the worst areas of rotten and sagging structure.

In the case of the cedar roof in the photo here, we were asked to do moss control.  It’s far too late for that, because for years the destructive growths have been rotting the cedar shakes.  The time to deal with moss and algae is to have ROTban professionally applied when it’s starting, and continue the treatment every 5 years or so.  This destruction can be prevented!