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How Does “Soft Washing” for Exterior Cleaning Work?

June 18, 2019 by ROTban Services Corp. Rotban

How Does Soft Washing for Exterior Cleaning Work?

Dirt, grime, mildew and mold can show up and build up on any surface. In many cases, a quick wash with a hose may be more than enough to clean it off. However, often a more thorough clean is required. While most may be tempted to reach for the pressure washer, this might not always be the best choice. High pressure from the water can actually damage many surfaces, and although the dirt might be removed, the damage is already done. Thankfully, there is a low-pressure washing process option that helps you achieve excellent results without high pressure damage. This is called “soft washing”.

Ideal for exterior building cleaning, soft washing is a great option to remove organic buildup such as moss, bacteria and fungus. Soft washing is different compared to pressure washing in that it uses specialized cleaning agents and chemicals that are specifically purposed to combat whatever buildup the surface has.

Soft washing is not only great for siding cleaning, but also for roofs and canopy cleaning. Moss build up on shingle roofs can be safely tackled using soft washing, without any risk of wearing down or damaging the shingles. Canopies can be cleaned and returned to like-new without any risk of high-pressure water ripping new holes or thinning the material out.

Soft washing is also a much more efficient method compared to brushing and scrubbing a surface clean. The soft washing solutions used work more efficiently at killing and removing algae and moss, without the need for endless scrubbing and scrapping.

If you are finding the exterior of your building in need of cleaning, consider having the professionals at ROTban soft wash it for you.