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Hospitals Are Loving ROTban

18 November 2015 by ROTban Services Corp.

Hospitals are vital in our communities. They probably provide the most vivid expression of scientific process that most of us tend to experience in our daily lives. We at ROTban applaud all hospital employees, and volunteers for choosing to train rigorously and then for daily working to save and extend our loved ones’ lives. In fact, for improving the quality of Canadian’s lives as a whole!

The super clean environment in and around our hospitals is a big part of the health care they provide. That’s why we’re so excited to have been chosen to do exterior cleaning of walls and roof moss control on many hospitals – eleven this year! We’re working hard, now in the fall of 2015, to complete everything before Christmas.

Saving money is a huge concern for hospital administrators, who have a tough job. Money is needed for critical care, and to improve the speed of their vital services. The safety of patients, workers and visitors, and care of the environment are also high priorities in their mandate.

We are so excited that after years of testing our services, ROTban Structual Services Corp. has been granted such a significant amount of sensitive work. It’s a powerful affirmation and testimony that our claims for the past 17 years have been true. ROTban services are the most economical, because they are gentle on surfaces and, amazingly, long lasting! They help extend the functional life of surfaces, as well as greatly improving the beauty of buildings and roofs. ROTban Services are safe for people to be around – even very sick people. As well, they are very environmentally responsible.

The names of the hospitals and administrations have not been given here, but if you’d like more information, just ask, and I’ll be happy to provide lots of evidence about all this on a one to one basis. Just call me, Gregg McBurnie, on my cell at 604-761-5640.