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Extreme Heat Death Surged 72% in Canada Recently

10 March 2023 by ROTban Services Corp.
Extreme Heat Death Surged 72% in Canada Recently

Death from increased heat in people’s own homes has been increasing severely in Canada lately.  This announcement comes from reliable scientific data.  Seniors and children are particularly vulnerable.  Adding to the problem, even more record-breaking heat is predicted for the next two Summers, 2024 and 2025.  What is to be done?  Get more effective air conditioners?  Don’t they consume more power and take up space? No, smart homeowners around the world are keeping cool with UV film on the windows, which save on the electricity bills too.

Health comes first, and this is important to us at ROTban, because our purpose is to help other people and make their lives better. Keeping people alive in their homes certainly falls within our sense of responsibility, and UV filtering film does the job – while also protecting home furnishings, flooring, and walls from UV damage!  It’s applied to the inside of windows and has no ongoing cost.

Many people are concerned about their aging relatives and friends.  How can they stay cool and keep from overheating dangerously?  They can have UV film applied to windows, and the entire indoor environment will be cooler safer.  People all over the world are benefiting from this truth, and it pays for itself because no energy is used in the process. You can help others by simply telling them about this, and of course you can improve your own comfort and economy too!

We see damage happening on exteriors of homes through UV, and it’s been our business for 25 years to protect the UV protection on exteriors.  It’s part of the main message of this company. But few people realize the how much damage UV causes to the insides of their homes!  It’s double trouble.  Here’s how.

UV rays come through the windows and hit all the surfaces that aren’t shaded.  For example, tables, flooring, furniture.  The heating of a kitchen table by UV rays turns it into a kind of furnace.  Its heat radiates into the areas around it that are not being hit by the rays.  But direct UV rays coming in through windows are directly damaging the material surfaces that make up your comfortable house.  Many people find that when they lift the corner of an area rug, they suddenly see how much fading has been happening.  The rug protects the surface, and the unprotected floor will show fading.

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