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Can Ugly Stains be Removed from a Canopy Without Damaging the Material?

August 27, 2019 by ROTban Services Corp. Can Ugly Stains be Removed from a Canopy

Algae stains will grow almost anywhere, needing very little in the way of specific growing conditions. It is hardy, resilient and in the wrong place, unsightly. Stain removal the wrong way (such as high pressure from a pressure washer or scrubbing with a stuff brush) when undergoing canopy cleaning can damage the material, but canopy restoration methods are available that safely remove moss and algae, without damaging what is underneath.

Stain Removal

For best results, use an environmentally friendly cleaning product that is free of bleach or other environmentally damaging chemicals on the surface of the canopy. ROTban uses a proprietary solution that is both environmentally friendly and effective at cleaning moss off of fabric surfaces such as canopies.

It is best to avoid using brushes as this method is long and arduous and could potentially cause damage to the canopy. ROTban is professionally applied as a service, in a way that results in a long-lasting cleanliness that does not cause any damage to your canopies. It is a gentle, soft wash that gives your canopy new life and resilience against stains.

Stain removal by ROTban lasts for years.  

Canopy Restoration

If you have a large or tall canopy that you need cleaned of stains or other debris, consider hiring the ROTban cleaning professionals. They can come out to quickly and properly clean the moss from your canopy, with no damage to the material.