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Gutter Cleaning

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Gutter Cleaning – By Longstanding Roof Maintenance Company

– Gentlest methods – no power washing – ladders have standouts to protect gutters.
– Better Business Bureau Members – check us out directly at the bottom of the page.
– Experienced and WorkSafe Compliant – Full Safety is Practiced

Use of High Power

Large Hose

Wet Vaccums


Gets the Job Done with No Mess

We Also Use Hands, Sponges, Low Pressure Water Flush. Nothing that will cause leaks!

Debris is bad for your roof – we’ll remove it safely and Gently


The Roofing Contractor’s Association of BC recommends cleaning your gutters once a year, or more often if you are near trees which shed leaves heavily.  Plugged gutters and valleys can lead to structural rot and leaking.  Let your roof and gutter system do their job properly by letting water flow off the roof as it was designed to do.  This recommendation comes from training we’ve taken at the Roofing Institute of BC.

The gutter system, or eve trough system, is kept waterproof by caulking on all the joints and ends.  It mustn’t be disturbed.  ROTban Corp uses gentle tools to do the job.  Please don’t allow pressure washing of your gutters.  The high pressure water can easily rip out or disturb the caulking and you can then have gutter leaks, which are miserable and hard to repair.  We use high power, large hose vacuums that also suck up water without being damaged.  We also use sponges, pushed by adjustable length handles, and when necessary, simply gloved hands.  We use low pressure water to flush the gutters as a last step.  Leaf blowers are sometimes used as well.  Cleanup from such work is very important, and any power tool that works using pressure can make a lot of mess.  If we make a mess, we clean it up.

Beware, because Do-It-yourselfers often fall because of improper placement of ladders or walking on roofs without safety lines.  It may seem simple enough, but the weight of a person at 8 feet to 20 feet high and on an angle can do surprising things.  Bad things!  Ladder use in  general is one of the biggest causers of broken bones, hip damage, spinal injuries and brain damage right at home.  Most people know or have heard of someone who’s had a life changing accident while using a ladder.

Maybe it’s time you or someone close to you avoided the hastle and danger of doing gutter cleaning.  Keep free of danger and also avoid delaying this important job.  These things are bad for the people and home you love.  When choosing a gutter cleaner, look for a company that practices safety  They should be compliant with and covered by WorkSafe BC.  They should have been in business for a few years so that you know they are accountable, have liability insurance and some kind of public approval.  Better Business Bureau members are more accountable and contribute to integrity in the community.  You can check out any viable business, member or not, with the BBB on their website.  ROTban has an A+ rating and is an active member.

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