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Read the published praises by our local Hospital Authority!  See the many Testimonials by Property Managers and Homeowners all over Greater Vancouver.  City Works Departments use us from Chilliwack through Burnaby.  Check out our Rating with the Better Business Bureau in the interactive button above.


20 years since the first ROTban Application.  The Strata’s Property Manager enthusiastically endorsed ROTban after Four Years of Moss Free Success. Owner Gregg McBurnie has spent a lifetime in business serving British Columbians, in the Home Medical Equipment Business, Roofing and Roof Maintenance Businesses.


Cedar Roofing Course Certificate at the Roofing Institute of BC. 5 Year membership in the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau as Approved Installer. Educated in Product Development.  Workers take ongoing safety courses at the Roofing Institue of BC.  Worksafe BC Registration Number 862809 – we are Fully Compliant.


New, uniquely specialized equipment for gentle and safe application. Proven successful.         Professional dispatch system and followup program.


By far the best available Warranty – FOUR YEARS. Our self policing program ensures you get the best value.  We also carry a 5 million dollar liability policy.

Avoid the Six Biggest Roof Moss Removal Mistakes

1. Scraping Causes Roof Damage

2. Pressure Washing Causes Damage

3. Roof Walking Causes Damage to Your Home

4. Roof Walking Causes Injury to Workers

5. Installing Zinc Strips Fails, Wastes Money

6. Bleach Is a Short Term Solution

Go with the Scientific Approach….Gentle ROTban Treatment that Lasts!

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